Новости по теме Greatest Hits

Il sito ufficiale ha aggiornato la biografia della band aggiungendo interessanti dettagli riguardanti il GH.
Di seguito vi riporto una citazione:

But fans and detractors alike can relax. ‘High Times – Синглы
1992-2006’ is very much volume one of the greatest hits, he’s not ready
to retire just yet.

«Мне нравится чувство замкнутости оно имеет о,,en,«Я закрыл эту главу в моей карьере, и я готов,,en
it," says Kay. "I’ve closed that chapter of my career and I’m ready to
start the next. We’ve already got tracks lined-up that are very
different. Very exciting. So it makes sense to do the greatest hits
теперь. It feels like the right time, in readiness for the next phase."

Decisamente delle buone notizie!

Potete legger el’intera biografia нажмите здесь.


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