Новости да Джей электронной Мэтт!!

Messaggi da Jay e Matt a poche ore dal concertone di Londra che, Я напоминаю вам, si terrà domani sera al Victoria Park!

Iniziamo con il messaggio di Jay rivolto a tutti i fortunati fans che parteciperanno al bellissimo concerto:

"Only a few days to go before
we headline at the Lovebox gig at Victoria Park.  I’m really hoping
this gorgeous weather lasts and we have a sunny day.  I love doing
outdoor gigs, and it’s great to play a home crowd in London.  I look
forward to seeing you all there with your sun hats and shades and
looking chilled whatever the weather!"  Jay Kay

Proseguiamo con Matt che si è sposato in gran segreto lo scorso 18 Luglio a Tokyo!!


I don’t usually use this space for personal
stuff but I have to make an exception and announce that on Tuesday [18
Июль] I got married in Tokyo to Tanya Burke (now Johnson!).

been an amazing few days, some of the best in my life. I have also
travelled on the bullet train (very fast train) out to the far north of
the country, which is really beautiful.

Tomorrow I am coming back to the U.K. just in time for our Lovebox show, guess I better do some practise!


Auguroni a Matt e alla sua sposa e un grosso abbraccio ai "nostri" che parteciperanno al Lovebox festival domani a Londra!

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