Derrick сообщение (обновленный)

Derrick Mc Кензи, барабанщик, опубликовала на своем blog personale un nuovo messaggio che di seguito vi riporto.

Nel messaggio Derrick ha un pensiero particolare per i fans italiani in attesa di nuove date!

Current mood: cheerful

all we are still in the studio and getting ready for our first gig
coming up next week, we are so looking forward to it and getting back
into the playing that we love doing, and entertaining you people. I am
trying to find out for all you italian fans if we are doing more than
two gigs over the summer period soon as i do i will let you know ok.

I am sjust watching rob putting down his last guitar parts and nicing
up the dance on the new track and he is doing a fine job . I hope you
guys like the new stuff as much as we love playing them and writing
them. that’s all from me for now so much love to all you lovely people
out there.


Dai messaggi dei ragazzi della band sembra che stiano lavorando sodo e con tanto amore alle tracce che appariranno nel prossimo greatest hits… buon lavoro guys!

Inoltre Derrick ha inviato a David del funkin site un messaggio che potete leggere нажмите здесь.


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