Послание Деррик МакКензи

Derrick Mc Кензи, Jamiroquai барабанщика, послал Давиду
funkin.com уна по электронной почте в Цуй Parla-дель-тур в America Latina.

Я воспроизвожу ниже текст:

Привет Дэвид и Шарон надеюсь, что вы оба хорошо, как вы знаете, мы находимся в Южной
Америка сейчас и сегодня у нас есть выходной день, который мы не получаем очень часто
, как правило, наши выходные дни означает день поездки в соседний город & NBSP. Но что
я могу сказать о южноамериканских людей!!!& NBSP; Они являются фантастическим и
безусловно, самая большая толпа вечеринками я видел, так как я в последний раз
был здесь шесть лет назад.

Мы начали в Аргентине после того, 15 час
скупились на самолете, который осушенных всю группу и членов экипажа энергии
что они оставили, we just chilled out for the rest of the day and got
ourselves ready for the gig the next day.  The crowd went berserk when
we came on and they did not stop dancing until we came off, it was
definitely an emotional moment.

I would like to say that on
behalf of the band Argentina you guys rock until the break the break of
dawn and that is literally as well.  Also the promoters in BA were
fantastic and I would love to say a big thank you to those guys and all
at the Faena hotel thank you so much for making our stay a FANTASTIC
один. Swiftly moving on to the gig we played really well considering the
jet lag thing and I think honestly that we will be back next year for
more gigs in BA.

On to the lovely Sao Paolo, well this gig was
fantastic again considering the time we have taken to get back.  We
played really well and the people here also are so warm and welcoming. 
We got on stage and even though acoustically I did not have the best
sounding gig.  It was one of our best performances.  We went through
the songs and tried to keep it on a high and entertaining.  The crowd
rocked and I am positive they loved it.

We had another gig day
yesterday in Rio and my goodness these guys took the roof off. 
Fantastic crowd here in Rio and the gig went well.  We played through
the songs cosmic girl seven days 2001 which incidentally we have
reworked a bit is a more rocky than normal.  The chorus we play is
definitely funky with the backing vocalists doing there chic cheer
stylee on it.  Poor Hazel one of our backing vocalists has had a cold
for the past week and had to struggle through the gigs so they have
been running on 90% power for the past two gigs.  But Rio seemed to see
them come through fantastically last night!!!!!!

Oh and getting
back to the songs we played you give me something, Deeper Underground,
don’t give hate a chance, canned heat, revolution and some more stuff

Matt played a fantastic solo last night in dynamite, и
rob as always rips it to pieces.  Sola, Paul and myself we just
grooving like there is no tomorrow.   But all in all the shows here
have been really really good.

Like I said we have a day off
сегодня и все, кажется, физически исчерпаны от стараниями
о кабриолетах & NBSP. Но погодите его только рок-н-ролл, и мы любим его!!!!!!!!!!

Увидимся очень скоро мы очень любим вас всех!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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