Сообщения из парней!

Derrick e Rob, in questi giorni di prove e registrazioni a Chillington, hanno inviato ai fans due nuovi messaggi che vi riporto di seguito:

Derrick scrive:

Well mate and all you lovely people out there we have
still been in the studio and working on the new tracks, another track
was done this week and it’s a great tune, we are all really happy with
the result so far.  Sadly we had to lose our engineer this week as he
had personal commitments, but we managed to find another engineer
programmer who started with us yesterday, his name is Simon Changer –
he has settled in really well and is just carrying on from where
Richard left off.

The days have been fantastic so recording and
working out of Chillington have been really good.  Admittedly a couple
of the guys in the band have been plagued with tiredness and flu, Matt
and Rob the poor guys have had to finish really late drive home for
hours on end and then get up early to come back to the studio.  But all
the same they love it!!!!!!!!!!

Over  the weekend me might be
working but with the football on who knows, I know Sola and Paul are
major football fans and we might be able to pull them away from the TV
to do a couple of takes in the studio!!!! ha ha ha.  Next week we
travel to Russia and we are looking forward as we have never been there
before as a band, so we are all looking forward to it very much!!!!  We
know we have a big following over there so it will great to see and
Russia and play live after so many years.

Anyway we are all
enjoying our time on the road so far and look forward to fans and our
regular front rowers over the next couple of months.

We love you guys and we thank you for visiting the funkin site and our MySpace pages also this is really appreciated.

So you all take care for now.

Much love to you all!!!!!!!!


Rob scrive:

well,here it is.Our 1 week of summer.We’ve been in a dark studio for
most of it.Taking a well earned break this weekend.Cut the lawn,take my
boy swimming,catch up on episodes of Lost(what the hell is going on
over there on that Island) etc.Probably gonna get back into my studio
later tonight as i’ve got a nasty little groove i’ve been working
on.Really looking foward to Russia next week.I hope the shows will be
Germany was kinda fun last weekend although it wasn’t fun
seeing a 3rd of the audience leaving to go and catch Guns N Roses 3
quarters of the way through our set on the first gig.Oh well,thats
festivals for you.It was good that Jay called a couple of new tunes
too.Hopefully we’ll get to play some other new tunes during upcoming
shows.Fingers crossed.

ОК,well i better go off and do absolutely nothing for as long as i feel like it

the hairy melon thing was from the 70’s show The Waltons,,,,y’know
g’night jon boy.g’night mary ellen (hairy melon)hope that cleared it up
for some people


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