А после лета Туор… Также зимой тур?

Derrick ha postato oggi un nuovo messaggio sul suo blog personale che di seguito vi riporto:

Hi alll hope hope you are all well and keeping out of trouble. Well we
are still here and i saw the rest of the band yesterday, we are all
looking forward to the gigs this weekend and hoping that you all will
be able to see it or listen to it wherever you are in the world.

We will still be in the studiio for a couple more weeks but today it’s
get our cases packed for the next few days in germany. I am hoping to
do some drum clinics next year to coincide with our tour that we are
doing for the greatest hits
, and i hope to use a couple of the guys in
the band if not all of them depending on their time and availability. i
will keep you all posted about that anyway.

I would likde to send a big thank you out to all of you who have sent
me really kind messages and asked to be friends on my my space page!!!!
It’s so good to keep in contact with guys to find out your comments on
the band, and also to answer any questions you have also. I see quite a
few people are coming to the lovebox gig in july, well that is going to
be a road block!!!!!!!!!l So many people will be there having a
fantastic time, I really look forward to seeing you all there.

Must dash now got things to do,

you all take care until next time

much love to yo all


Per la prima volta si parla di un tour associato all’uscita greatest hits atteso, Я напоминаю вам, per Novembre di quest’anno.
Vuol dire che le sorprese non sono finite e che ci aspettano altri appuntamenti con la band in giro per il mondo!


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