Concerto segreto della band

Matt Johnson, Jamiroquai клавишник, ha rivelato sul suo blog personale che la band ha tenuto un concerto "segreto" ieri a Cambridge.
I musicisti erano al completo ma a sostituire la voce di Jay c’era la corista Hazel Fernandez.
Vi riporto il messaggio originale:

Четверг, Сентябрь 07, 2006

Secret gig

Last night all the guys (apart from Jay) and myself did a little secret
gig in Cambridge with Hazel Fernandez singing. We just did obscure funk
and rare groove tunes that we love, and did our own versions of some
things. It was great fun to play with the guys in a small venue, the
crowd loved it. I must say, we were firing!

We hope to do some more like this, next time we’ll let you know about it.

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