Rob racconta la registrazione in studio

Rob Harris, chitarrista dei Jamiroquai, ha pubblicato oggi un post sul suo blog in cui racconta i giorni che la band sta trascorrendo in sala di registrazione.
Il lavoro sembra duro e speriamo che porti dei buoni pezzi!

Vi riporto il messaggio di Rob:

Its 1.32am,we’re still here in the studio.It’s been like this for the
last 2 weeks really.I leave my house at 9.30am and get home around
4-5am.Anyone who says this job is easy should………
Working on
recording a song is sometimes like being on an archaeological dig.You
have to uncover a little bit at a time or else the whole thing will be
lost forever.Its been a few days of Not that we’re digging up
a dinosaur musically speaking …..Everyone’s in the next room jumping
up and down with excitement cos "WE’RE BACK IN THE GAME"
Back slapping all round. I love music so much when we make a breakthrough.

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