Gig in the sky: aggiornamenti

Arrivano altri aggiornamenti dal sito ufficiale dei Jamiroquai e nuove foto che trovate pubblicate anche sul nostro forum (clicca qui!).

Jamiroquai have just landed in…..Athens, Greece, after what was an amazing gig by all accounts. Upon boarding the specially adapted plane in Munich, attendees were greeted by air stewardesses in “Cosmic Girl” uniforms! Upon take-off, the overhead lockers opened up to reveal flashing disco lights. Jamiroquai performed at the front of the plane where the first 6 or 7 rows of seats had been removed. Guests had to remain in their seats, presumably for health and safety reasons, but as there was a camera crew filming the performance, they could still see everything from tv screens throughout the plane. There was a small bit of turbulence during the performance but like a true professional, Jay simply clung onto an overhead locker and carried on.  It’s now official, Jamiroquai have entered the Guinness Book of Records – for The Highest Ever Gig! During the flight, a meal of chicken was served with chocolate mousse for dessert. There was 10 golden Tickets amongst the dinners served, with the lucky recipients winning the chance to meet and greet the band. Nobody went away empty-handed though – everyone got the new Sony Ericsson mobile phone and special Gig in the Sky commerative bag. We will be uploading photos and video as they come in, but for now, here’s the full setlist – Jamiroquai played for 30 minutes

1.  Radio – this was the first time Radio was played live!

2.  Feels Just Like it Should

3.  High Times

4.  If I Like it I do it

5.  Travelling Without Moving

6.  Runaway

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