JK rilasciato dietro cauzione

Sembra che oggi alle 12,30 Jay sia stato rilasciato dietro cauzione:


Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay has again avoided prosecution over allegations he assaulted photographers outside a trendy London nightclub earlier today.

Unshaven multi-millionaire Kay looked dishevelled when he walked free from West End Central Police Station at around 12.30pm today after he was let off with a caution.

He had just spent more than 10 hours in a cell following his arrest outside a celebrity haunt following a drunken rampage.

When asked if he was okay, Kay simply muttered "Yes" before being driven away in a black people carrier.

He was carrying his personal belongings – including a classical music CD by Wagner and a lighter – in a see through plastic bag.

Earlier an "out of control" Kay, 36, was led away in handcuffs after turning on cops who were called when he clashed with photographers outside Kabaret Prophecy in Soho.

Kay has previously escaped charges for a string of alleged scuffles with photographers.

In a similar incident in April 2001, Kay was alleged to have slapped a paparazzi photographer and smashed his camera outside trendy nightclub Attica in the West End, causing £256 worth of damage. He was charged, but they were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The following year Kay was pictured with a bloody nose after an alleged early morning scuffle with a photographer in Covent Garden, central London, after he attended the premiere of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones in nearby Leicester Square.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "We were alerted at around 2am this morning to a large crowd. At around that time someone was arrested in connection with an allegation by a man who said he had been assaulted. However, the at man did not require hospital treatment.

"At 12.30pm today a man, aged in his thirties, was given a caution for common assault and released with no further action to be taken."

The singer, famous for his love of fast cars, has been successfully prosecuted for speeding offences. In 1998 he was banned when police caught him driving at 111mph on the M40 in a Ferrari F40. Then in 2004 he was banned again for six months after he was clocked driving at 105mph on the A9 in Perthshire in a four wheel drive vehicle

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