Il saluto di Jay Kay a Toby Smith

Con la notizia della morte di Toby Smith, tastierista e fondatore dei Jamiroquai, in tanti tra fan e personaggi del panorama musicale hanno espresso le loro parole di dolore e cordoglio per la sua scomparsa prematura. Tra i tanti, 上手に デリック三菱商事Kenzie および ポールターナー, ricordiamo スチュアートツェンダー, インクルード お忍び e i Coldplay che hanno pubblicato sui loro social parole toccanti dedicate a lui.

Le parole di Jay Kay si sono fatte attendere fino ad oggi ma hanno espresso con intensità il dolore di chi ha condiviso con Toby una fetta importante della propria vita e la riconoscenza di chi sa che senza di lui oggi non esisterebbero i Jamiroquai. Di seguito le parole di Jay:

Yesterday, I found out the news I was hoping, and truly believed, would never happen, that my dear friend Toby, had passed away. My heart hangs so heavy with grief and pain, that I have found it difficult to write anything about this up to now. The recent success of the new album has paled into complete and utter insignificance to me on hearing this terrible news.

Toby had fought this voracious illness with his own indefatigable and stubborn brand of spirit and courage for a very long time, and until fairly recently, had shown all the signs of beating it, only for it to take him away so cruelly from his wife, his children, his relations and his many friends.

But it has also taken him away from the millions of people who have enjoyed his music, the music I had the privilege of writing with him, the music that has brought joy and happiness to people’s hearts across the whole planet for so long, and the music that leaves an indelible and everlasting legacy for all of us. This is my only solace at this most heartbreaking moment.

I have so much to say about the man but I will try to keep it brief for now. I want to remember Toby as the guy who struck me with his magic the first time I heard him play in my small bedsit in 1992, the guy who made laugh and cry in equal measure as we wrote the songs you all sing, the guy who would entertain us all on our most arduous tours with his obtuse sense of humour, and the guy who would crack me up with his quirky sense of style and his unique and candid views on people, life and love.

And so I want you all to remember him this way, because all you have to do is put his music on, wherever you are, どんな気分,,en,そして和音構造の彼の素晴らしい錬金術をしましょう,,en,タイミングの彼の支配,,en,そして彼の楽と雄弁ソロ,,en,お肌の下に入ります,,en,右のあなたの魂の中へ,,en,そしてあなたが世界を笑顔にします,,en,それはそうどのように悪い問題ではありませ,,en,彼は私の人生の大きな部分を占めてきました,,en,彼なし,,en,何JAMIROQUAIはないだろう,,en,そして私はこれを書いています,,en,月が空にはっきりと明るいです,,en,そして私はそれがどうあるべきか彼のことを考えます,,en,それを越え彼の強大な馬に乗って,,en,彼の後ろの星の軌跡を残します,,en,私はあなたにそんなにTobesmanを欠場します,,en,私はいつもあなたの誇りになります,,en,風のバディに乗ります,,en,何も今、あなたを止めることはできません,,en,あなたのチームメイト,,en,JX,,en, and let his amazing alchemy of chord structure, his mastery of timing, and his effortless and eloquent solos, get under your skin, right into your soul, and make you smile at the world, not matter how bad it seems.

He has been a huge part of my life. Without him, there would be no JAMIROQUAI, and as I write this, the moon is clear and bright in the sky, and I think of him how it should be, riding his mighty horse across it, leaving a trail of stars behind him.

I will miss you so much Tobesman. I will always be so proud of you. Ride the wind buddy, nothing can stop you now.

Your mate, Jx