Nouveau message sur le blog de Rob

Rob Harris, guitariste, ha pubblicato oggi un nuovo messaggio sul suo blog personale che di seguito vi riporto:

Got back from Barcelona yesterday.Had a few good days over there doing
some sports Awards Show with loads of sports personalities and movie
stars dressed in evening dresses and tuxedos.Do you ever feel different
from everyone else in your surroundings?well i did.
Back in the
studio today with Matt just looking at some of the keyboard
sounds,adding more parts etc.we leave for Lisbon at stupid o’clock
tomorrow morning so i hope its not a late one as i have to get
home,unpack and repack again for the next few days.
I got to see
some tv last night for the first time in ages.I don’t know if anyones
watching Lost but what the hells going on in that show?Don’t tell
moi,don’t tell me,i’ll wait.
Right,i better go and eat some lunch.


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