“White Knuckle Ride”, here is the new single from Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride
White Knuckle Ride

As we anticipated il nuovo album dei Jamiroquai dal titolo “Rock Dust Light Star” will be anticipated by the single " “White Knuckle Ride”, which the band released a preview of a few seconds.

According Site auspOp Jamiroquai single will be released starting tomorrow 24 Agosto 2010. I remind you that, as communicated by the official website of Jamiroquai, il singolo sarà acquistabile negli stores su vinile in edizione limitata e scaricabile da internet in formato MP3.

However, the Mega Media Site ha già iniziato la prevendita del brano in formato MP3: waiting to buy the single in your favorite record store, you can feed to your curiosity with a download at a price of € 1.01.

Nei prossimi giorni “White Knuckle Ride” will certainly in musical programs of radio. If you happen to hear the song on the radio you can report it with a comment to this news.

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Rock Dust Light Star, Jamiroquai's new album

Dopo 5 long years since the last album released by the band, finally arrives at the long-awaited official announcement on Jamiroquai new album! The title will be “Rock Dust Light Star” and publication is planned for the UK 1 novembre 2010 with the new label Mercury.

“Rock Dust Light Star” is the seventh studio album from Jamiroquai and is preceded by a clear presentation: while the general trend is to create music using mainly electronics, the Jamiroquai choose to adopt a more sound “classic”, seeking sounds more genuine.

Jay Kay said the album with these words:

Tutto il disco è stato registrato dal vivo. Is’ un disco realizzato da una vera e propria band. L’ultimo album è stato fantastico, but everything has become a bit’ sterile. Questa volta siamo riusciti a catturare l’energia delle nostre esibizioni dal vivo.

The album was recorded mainly in Jay Kay's home studio in Buckinghamshire, all'Hook End Manor in Oxfordshire, and at Karma Studios in Thailand. The pieces have been written entirely by Jay Kay with the help of band members and will be produced by Jay with Charlie Russell and Brad Spence.

On Jamiroquai official channel on Youtube This is a taste of 40 seconds White Knuckle Ride”, the single anticipating the release of which recounts the experiences of Jay during his career. “White Knuckle Ride” will be published in limited edition vinyl and will be accompanied by remixes from Seamus Haji, Monarchy e Penguin Prison.

The second single from the album is instead a new song entitled “Blue Skies”.