Jamiroquai / Shuffler masterclass in London

On 9 February, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Camden Lock, London, will host an exclusive masterclass in which Derrick McKenzie, Rob Harris e Paul Turner Jamiroquai will play along with the singer and percussionist Daniel Pearce. The four have been playing together in the past in this training as Shuffler.

The event will be held at the institution between 7 and 9 p.m. (between 20 e le22 ora italiana). More information and tickets for the event can be purchased at the site of the ICMP.

Message from Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner, Jamiroquai bassist, made the last years 10 March and has responded to messages of greetings on Jamirotalk with a post which says:

Hello boys
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.
I spent a great day.

I brani dell’album sono finiti e pronti per essere mixati. Tutti siamo veramente eccitati per come sembra stupefacente.

I really think you'll like.

Ringrazio anche tutti quelli che sono venuti a vedere i Dotfunk. Come sapete abbiamo fatto il tutto esaurito e così terremo un altro concerto il 25 April.
I hope some of you may participate again, really appreciate your support.

I send much love and are eager to finally play a little again very soon Jamirofunk.

Big Love X Paul

Good news for all fans short, We hope the new album from Jamiroquai to be published soon!