Jamiroquai at Neapolis Rock Festival, is official

Jamiroquai al Neapolis Rock Festival 2010 di Napoli
The poster of the concert

The presence of Jamiroquai to Neapolis Rock Festival 2010 is now official: Our favorites will be playing Friday 16 July at the Mostra d'Oltremare Naples. This will be the only exhibition in Italy in the band's summer tour.

The Tickets are already on sale on GO2 in the following formulas:

  • Posto unico € 30,00 + 4,50
  • Vip ticket 150,00 euro + 15,00 minimum of two tickets. Include: parking, table in the VIP area, 1 bottle of brandy or champagne each 4 people, buffet free.

Jamiroquai at Neapolis Rock Festival 2010?

Neapolis Rock Festival 2010
Home of Neapolis Rock Festival 2010

As we have pointed out some friends on Jamitaly page on Facebook, on the background of the presentation page of the website Neapolis Rock Festival 2010 appears the head of the Buffalo Man.

Certain, is indicative… but what could be the reason for the presence of that image but a possible involvement of Jamiroquai at the festival in Naples?

We await confirmation or refutation by the organizers and – as always – the official site for Jamiroquai.

thx to Siegfried