Blue Skies: cover and some details

Jamiroquai, Blue Skies
Cover di Blue Skies

As you surely know after the publication of White Knuckle Ride as a part of the album preview, the first single taken from official Rock Dust Light Star is Blue Skies.

today on Jamiroquai's official page on Facebook has been the most likely to be the Cover the individual. In addition the following tracklist is circulating a promo CD with remixes of the song:

  • Blue Skies – Original Mix (3.52)
  • Blue Skies – Linus Loves Remix (7.30)
  • Blue Skies – Flux Pavilion Remix (5.46)
  • Blue Skies – Fred Falke Remix (7.48)
  • Blue Skies – Fred Falke Instrumental (7.40)
  • Blue Skies – Fred Falke Radio Edit (4.08)
  • Label: Universal Music
  • Year: 2010
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Rock Dust Light Star: choose your cover!

Copertina speciale dell'album dei Jamiroquai Rock Dust Light Star
Rock Dust Light Star - Special cover

La cover Jamiroquai new album, Rock Dust Light Star, divided between the people of fan appreciation and negative comments.

If you are among those who do not like the photo chosen as album cover, you can breathe a sigh of relief: has put the site up for sale special version of the album with a cover exclusive! This time the artwork brings us back considerably to its origins with a black background and the buffalo white man at the center. On the site you can also order a copy of the disc.

A curiosity: The tracklist of the album also shows the track for sale That’s Not The Funk I Want, that should be present only in the version for the Japanese market. It will be a mistake or have a chance to even the bonus track on CD?

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Revealed the cover of Rock Dust Light Star

Rock Dust Light Star - Jamiroquai
Cover Rock Light Star Dust

The Jamiroquai official website has published the image that will appear on the cover of Rock Dust Ligh Star, new album Jamiroquai due out 1 November 2010.

The photo was taken by Mitch Jenkins has Carhaix, France, last 18 Luglio. Mitch's personal blog you can read his story about how he spent his days the result of Jay Kay and the band and also found a video shot in Carcassonne which is committed to take pictures with the public to Jay behind.

I am sure there will be differing opinions on the choice of the new album of Artwork… what do you think?