Trani (BA) 03 July 2006 – by Fra

I would ride more than a merry-go-rounds: I could not in any other way than with this statement titled my experience at the concert of Trani.
Have you ever getting on a roller coaster, reach the highest peak, hold your breath , close your eyes and scream your joy forever during the descent?
Well, from this tournament are never dropped: are still there at the top to breathe avidly emotions, the happiness, feelings; I suddenly came down off their breath and go dizzy that I almost tear my heart.
I do not want to be a guide “Technical” of the evening but a kind of confession in open heart on what were the emotions experienced and stravissute me with you, indelible mark in my heart for the rest of my life.
L’INIZIO: embrace my fellow adventure and rediscover the certainty, again, in their eyes, to be united more than ever: Enos, Janluka, Alessia, Stefano, Luke, Mica and Vere (Anke you were there with me)
Know and give a face to the other: jfreed, partyweirdo, ant, Claudio.
Boys, I have never seen such beauty drawn on their faces: one traveled to the sound of happiness, freedom, music, dell’attesa, joy; infinitesimal fraction of sensations that have made great and memorable evening (are hung on the uphill ride, and not afraid to look down: you are with me)
DURING: the music of my life.
There she, before me.
And I thought: my music, My friend, my partner: in those sad days and happy, the voice of every pain and every joy, is always with me:
“Under the influence of music seems to feel what I feel really, to understand what I do not understand, di poter fare ciò che non posso fare.”
Note, words, sounds: explosion
Urla, cries of joy: music is the voice of all humanity, any time and place. His presence we are one ( I reached the highest peak of the ride and start the race)
END , BUT NOT’ END: had the opportunity to meet with Jamiroquai: beautiful people, wonderful that helped make the concert even more special.
My thirteen years of passion were suddenly concentrated in one and a half: I and they, face to face.
I reviewed 18 enne dance the evening of my birthday and Too Young to Die Blow Your Mind; early twenties to devote to Gianluca on a crumpled photo of me throughout Mr Moon.
If you still think I get the chills (not want to get off this carousel).
SPECIAL: share these joys with Gianluca: Thanks for your understanding, for your love, for as you: SINGLE