Trani (Ba) 03 July 2006 – by enos

Once again at the foot of the stage, every time the emotion of the first concert!

But let's go with order…

After a nice evening spent with Stephen, now exceptional companion every concert, We start from Avellino to the 10:30 and by noon (thanks to the guidance of her sexy tom-tom!) We Trani. Even if by design we all arrive at once: Jan, Luv, Mica, Alessia, FRA, hawk, Stephen and I!! The last time it was Bologna, October… Revise and always a huge pleasure!

After the kisses and hugs rite, first patrol… if not for the stage and to a dead end it seems that in Trani is a day like any other…

Time passes quickly among gossip, knowledge, ice cream and several attempts to figure out where / how / when you go into the streets to watch the show! Well you, the organization is poor and end, almost by force, costringiamo la security (someone explain that they are paid to protect us, not to make the grades) to place the barriers of entry to the square!

The first hurdle we've already won, that of the input… We now expect several meters of the race to win the first row!

Hours pass as we are always + compressed… but finally, towards 20 We are entering…: breathtaking race (I still remember the screams of Laura “Philip corriiiiii!!”) and finally we! Once again in the forefront… once again all together! Attack the flags (time are 2!) and catch their breath while the boxes besides the usual hilarious compilation!

Every now, from the windows of the monastery that overlooks the square peep boys of the band that gets the greetings of all.

Between dances, gossip and photos time flies… night falls on Trani and finally the moment of the show!

Usual intro and then away (unfortunately) the usual pieces of the last live:


Canned Heat

Space cowboy

cosmic girl



little l

travelling without moving

you give me something

use the force

black capricorn day

lovefoolosophy/main vein

time wont wait

high times


deeper underground
Apart from some technical problems during Canned Heat and an average sound bad runs off the concert enjoyable… Ma, In my humble opinion, ladder should be slightly retouched! Now are months and months playing these pieces in the same order! This time again there are only You Give Me Something (I never liked live, but I must say that I was undeceived), Black crow (…) e Black capricorn day (say what you want me to continue to delight nn…). La “my” Traveling Without Moving was a bit quieter after hearing live versions of already… but cmq by gooseflesh!

Ladder to the J appears subdued, silent and interacted little with the public for the duration of the concert. A positive note was the feeling that the band he enjoyed playing, What I never noticed in previous concerts: boys often looked, they smiled at each other, sang pieces… And have you noticed that Rob and Paul have “exchanged instruments” during the intro alright??

Shortly after the end of the concert Matt, Rob and Paul fall between gift to all fans (really availability.All) autographs and photographs, while Claudio (THESPACECOWBOY) gives me a towel “stolen” the stage…

FRA, Alessia and Mica are making it even go backstage + only their potandomi evening and a wonderful gift: flag autographed by J and decorates my room!

After the show a little’ relaxing together, coated in the square, recharging the batteries awaiting the return!

An exhausting but wonderful day: similar emotions fills your heart and give you new strength! Is’ was great to share it all with wonderful people like you!
Funk you all party people!