Scala, London 7 March 2007 – by Deja

London, 7 March 2007

Or better would be a surprise!
Francesca has decided that she too will go to London with Alessia x the concert and sent a letter to my boyfriend ask me a surprise x!
Now, malfidente him as a good read to me saying :” surely there's your paw!” and ruin the surprise but after many tears, Among other letters and 2 dd gives me the flight x London and I that hitherto not even think about it I'm in panic + absolutely and without tickets!

PANIC!!! Place everywhere that I go to London possibly on the forum that passion Bulldog, but who cares!


Ok, although I can not believe I have to prepare, inside of me I know that I will not go so pack only what x comfortable waiting outside in the cold and frost, jeans, boots, and fleece, mindful of the cold last time, faccio un bagno lunghissimo conscia della situazione igenica a Londra e mi preparo a passare una notte in bianco!

Day + long history!
I get up at 7 But since I did not sleep nothing, I prepare and Andre accompanies me at the airport where I do all the relevant recommendations including :” occho singers” pondered, I decide not to piss once x, I make him a smile and I board.
Although I have turned half the world by air alone are 10 years that do not fly totally alone and I must say that a little’ fear I've got, I know that as the plane takes off I fall asleep, but so be anxiety is!
Finally we landed at Stansted because thanks to Murphy's law had the plane full of teenagers on a trip minibus!
The bus to London takes much longer when the plane from Turin and now between and Ale to give me lost and I'm about to commit murder against the driver to arrive.
See Janlu, indeed I see the mesh Janlu, Among my gigantona, Ale and two boys, one of which I believe to be Luka, I can finally get out and sling me into the arms of Brother and Ale, Janlu kiss and hug and greet Jfreed Luka and in the meantime I was presented, Luka look and say :” ah well at least you did not beat! ” ricordando i nostri trascorsi sulle pagine di Jamitaly, He burst out laughing and we prepare to eat, make it clear that McDonald is not among the cases provided ( Janlu che mi conosce e non aveva dubbi sorride) alchemical go inside the station where you can exchange a boiled potato filled with tuna mayonnaise and corn for a sandwich, la ordino e poi mangio solo la patata 
Well like every time I go to London food is the thing I always forget!
Finiamo di mangiare ci salutiamo e ci dirigiamo verso i rispettivi alberghi dandoci appuntamento 2 hours after the 16.30 front of the local x go on a mission to Camden ( cheeba mission).
Appena arrivate a Kings Cross Fra scappa in albergo perché ha delle esigenze impellenti e io e Ale decidiamo di passare davanti allo Scala che è lì vicino a mezzo isolato, we are almost in front when a great piece of my son smiles at me and tells me: ” m not recognize ?”
And I, with the face of Tolla me apart in 5 continenti :” SHOULD I? ( I?)”…in 5 rasegna second step in the Band, States + “used”, technicians and who + has + puts, Then I have a doubt and say :” Well at least tell me the name”! and he : Spava Clav!”.. wowowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jonassssssssssssssssssssssssss and almost jump in my arms, I was so inspired to know and also the fact that I have recognized, to me if I suffer from the Cinderella syndrome and I think that no one ever consider wowwwwwwwwwwwwww wowwwwwwww wowwwwwwwwww I feel iperlusingata!
Arrives Ale, They said goodbye and tell him we're going into a hotel, Then let's have a beer at the pub and we meet them in front after, I'm going as if I met JK in the road that stops me and says goodbye, enjoyed throughout!

Except for short breaks pharmacy and long pauses in the pub in the afternoon runs quiet and a bit’ alticcio, The hotel sucks with a ceiling that is governed only by the chandelier and the risk of head caderci from time to time and the sink that will plin plin plin plin all night!
We arrive at La Scala and ta dammmmmm is my superMsP! We embrace, asks Hair ( I faint, My boyfriend will not even notice if they cut off and she saw me alone 1 although we are + dark + long, I know it is nonsense, but it's nice to me x!!)
I also have Russ is very sweet and that I bear on his shoulders half concert, Nicki and I salute that I had met at the Jazz Cafe!
Around 5 (I think I was a little’ urbiaca at this stage) Janlu and I go to Camden where the metro station just off a huge color guy looks at us and makes us :” Smoke?” in Italian, I Janlu and we look aghast , who ask whether we have it on his face and we queued to the giant!
We return from our heroes in waiting outside the ladder and we agree to one second with a little’ of foreign boyfriends and when we return we are already the barriers for the row.
But, Janlu, Luka, Jonas, Russ e Msp, Niki and her husband enter the queue and I must say that at that moment and I include we look and we almost wept with sadness, we said:” I'm regretting!” e proprio in quel momento arriva una telefona di John, Among gives me the phone I pretend I am making a thousand messes he and she tells me not to worry about who takes care of us and he asks me how many of us, I though Ale is on the list tell us 3 così il terzo biglietto lo prende Jfreed penso (not knowing what will come from other sources), I make a mess, I tell him first: I, Between and Ale, then Vere, Among ale and then finally I tell him, we feel 3 , xchè began to have multiple personality disorder, He tells me that he takes care of us 3 and the tension eases a hair.
After a second out Matt with his wife who go to eat and stop to say hello, Sola pass and we escape the greet with him and then comes Derrick, Requests the end of me and Brother as we enter and I tell him what I told John, He says if I told you so then ” he's your man!” (metaphorically) sin saying that John has not yet arrived, and here the panic and take the cold stratospheric proprorzioni, not to mention the paranioa will destroy ya!
Paul also goes there greets and kisses ( that is Jamirofigone!) e tutto dolce ci chiede come mai siamo fuori e gli spieghiamo che siamo senza biglietti, he starts to beach there that he can give but the stubble, do not want him to know how business works and he understands that we just wanted to greet and rewards us with a smile + beautiful in the world!
When now I'm trying to convince Fra and Jfreed to go to the pub around the corner we see the face of John tick ( sant'uomo holy holy!!) who smiles and beckons us to wait.
Back, Between kisses, kisses me and opens the barriers for us to go, vede Jfreed dietro di me e gli fa ” Ah yes I remember you!” e così passiamo tutti e 3…tells us to run, yells the security of not even try to search and says that is run run start x!

I do not believe 3 gardens , I stop and let out a scream, tornarei backwards to kiss John again but I only go up stairs, Between running and then we are in the room Bum, But , Janlu and Luka us and we reach out as if nothing had come in the 2nd row is in be accompanied by a chorus of insults English.
Ohmygod jump on the shoulders of Janlu, greeting kiss Russ and Msp Jonas opens a door and there they see John and Matt, Jay is behind that monkey and opens and closes…Do you want to die????
Well in a flash coming together on stage, Jay looks at us gives us a smile, salutes the Italian crew and escapes always commented on how it should extend the listings last, I guffaw and I think:” but hats off to you Jay you do it, learn all the star sytem to do the Lord like you”! do not tell you how I loved him when I realized that he had to tell John to come to take!
Attack Cosmic Girl …I must be honest not really my favorite song but EHY are playing live at 2 meters from me could also play Kiss me Licia as they are happy at this moment, enough that they are!
Ok entire setlist I do not remember, so che quando hanno attaccato High Times è scoppiato il pandemonio, unheard version + beautiful, Jay began singing and is thrilled that we already know all ( eh nice Gig in the sky already know it by heart that you believe!) …sometimes I get lost and ask Janlu” Janlu help but this piece is that?” and he :” not even know he was lost I guess”! ahahahahha Well if you want to lose 2 times a week I'm going to listen.
Spending half concert rooted in Spale of Janlu Russ and sometimes even a little cuddling ', Then I like to hug my friends, I'm listening to, so every time I hug Janice, Fra, even Luka…I will go down in history together 
Nel frattempo suonano FJLIS e io resto basita …”maccome-I- OU was lousy commercial song and now feel that stuff here!!” che sorpresa!
I spend the time to smile and look at all well, Derrick si da da fare come un pazzo, Paul….da orgasmo, Rob even took well and smiling ( Thank you Liberty :P), Alone with smiles 50 percussion tracks in the teeth like a madman, Matt is happy and even if a tasteira is out of his face that if one can enjoy it so much that could well play just clapping, then the chorus, too cute, spend their time interacting with the crowd and smile!
Attaccano If I like it I do it…and Jay says a whole stuff before but I am so happy with the piece that I do not understand anything, I just started having the room to myself and dance dance dance, for what is to me in the front row I can see only these microconcerti, io voglio ballare e sto dietro di solito! But here I go back to dance I can not even just in itself does its best to make me boil the blood in veins…practically dancing on and with Janluka, then I do not know where it comes from a reed x lucky me calm down!
Maybe I was too early to have calmed the pressure under the feet so thanks to the fact that MSP and Russ go behind ( turned out to dance) I clung for a moment on the hurdles and I must say that the track after I have had it moving only from the wrists down.
I do not know if the tracks I'm putting in the right order , Excuse, fate conto che ha la memoria di un invertebrato, xò anecdotes are the right ones related to the songs!
At one point Jay announces Time will not wait and there as if I had snorted something portentous to hear only ste 3 words :” time won’t wait” I'll be back in top form…although at first I had thought, but Jay says that this is the main vein Ohohoh Well it was true!

Part + bella è stato quando ha cantato Radio perché era la prima volta e noi ci siamo sgolati, Well he does all the facets of the case and we join the choirs.

I also remember Black Capricorn Day and I know that I think ….alla faccia ma stasera mi vogliono proprio stupire!
Well that song well I'd never calculated very, I felt like saying if a vent occasionally have a bad hour and xchè the capricorns have the black days…xchè the bulls no??? 😀
Cmq even this is beautiful, Matt always seems + demoniac, photographers and cameramen have gone mad and Jay at one point even throwing a towel on the chamber of a particularly insistent…but then takes it and smiles.

Part Deeper Undergruond and I think :” ah feel like the rise but it is not true that the rock came with Rob!” I'd tell, but to make him cry?
È bellissima anche se ormai io a D.U lego un senso di tristezza immane anche se l’ascolto x i fatti miei, xchè usually means bye bye Jamiroquai… thought about it and decides to lash !

We plant a lot’ casino, The British fought all beatable, started looking at what makes David Rowe, at least I think that if he goes he is really over, but he does not go back on stage and they gave us a wonderful x Virtual Insanity , that is really wonderful!

Jay greets the end all, during the concert said he had not retired and just wants to stay a bit x’ and I think and how do I hunt and moh, Where can I find the whole is goia, st'energia and palpable affection if I'm not here???!!!

People began to disperse and I eyed the staircase on which sit ( ahhh Session !) and start to think about how it was good as I wanted to get near Philip, those who remained at home and if seen on the PC and I hope with all my heart that now is the mess we made!

Is’ was really intense, ogni nota mi ha riempito dentro nel posto dove solo la musica dei Jamiroquai riesce ad arrivare e mi sento come se mi avessero dato 10 Amphetamine all inisieme.

I would like to thank all, first of all to Andrea soportar my Jamiroquai and paid me the flight, almost six + Saint John!
John for taking such good care of us before and after, if anything Jay lincenziasse him to my house he paid for lunch and dinner!! Never known bodyguard so sweet!
My 2 partner in crime, with wings to be ready to go alone ( but you seem to have let you go alone?) e a Fra per essere la mia anima gemella nata donna!
A Jonas for a thousand smiles, cuddling ex recognition in the street, I was happy like a child!
A Msp to keep the + on the piece of everyone and is always concerned for me because those who remain outside the former! So sweet and such a woman!!
A Russ x for all the warm embrace of welcome and for the 40 minutes on his shoulder.
A Jfreed for waiting outside impanicati, luckily there was you!
A Luka for not having brought him, indeed, we almost managed to get along!
A Janlu….abbiamo passato dei momenti magnifici insieme!

Last but ot least to Jamiroquai and not just for letting us enter, but to give us an excuse to always being happy.