Scala, London 07 March 2007 – by Alessia

London, 7 March 2007

Dedicated to my two little aunts who never leaves me. Questo è per voi 😉

from your little KMK!!
Never been so difficult to write a review like this time. As I write but I'm listen to the concert, maybe it helps me. Hopefully they are in total panic. So many things have happened in one day and thought that with the passing of the days I would have taken, Not so.

Well… I would start by coming here in Rome Between, indeed no! We start from first… long before… when I booked the flight to be alone because I have not found a dog that was with me and when my little aunts gave me the news that they would leave too, and this a few days before departure. I could not believe, I would not be playing alone; Among another adventure with Vere and I thank him for always taking care of their Piccolina!!!

Were the endless days and still did not know that those who would come after would be even worse. In ogni caso finalmente il giorno in cui doveva arrivare FRAncesca era arrivato e io mi stavo perdendo nel più totale marasma; I had so many things to do, but I could not realize anything because the body was here in Rome, but with his mind already in UK. We do 17:30 And while I continue to wait Fra'm going to go shopping, the cure for every ill, but unfortunately not for this new disease called Vere Jamiroquai! Finally the train arrives and my aunt just now I came back to mind a small gaff: One can see that I was a meter that request information from a guy and I that I was facing I started to laugh and call it as a coarse, ma law nothing at all; After about an interminable two minutes to realize that I was there and did not need any information. How nice that was revised and re-embrace. One of the first things I said was: “I want to sleep tonight, we do not like the Jazz Cafe!”. After a nice dinner and a chat with my we are ready to go to bed. I'm going to my bed, but I can not sleep, so I started a little’ read; midnight and nothing… one and still nothing; When I get a text message to Valeria and saw he was still awake now and I took advantage of recall (a conversation of more than half an hour). Eventually I said: Vabbè.. I try to put to sleep.

in short, after more than 12 chapters I WANT YOU by Federico Moccia was still in my bed all arzilla, but I was really unnerving because at 4 I would not want to wake up and due to arrive in London already face with the zombies!

Finalmente verso le 2:30 I can not sleep. I seemed to have slept 5 Among minutes when she came to wake me (ma porca puttana!!!).

We get ready and my mother accompanied us to our now carissimimo Ciampino Airport.

The excitement began to rise, oh yes they climbed! Luckily for me, plane, despite the uncomfortable seats on Ryanair have managed to make me an hour of sleep, ma è stato comunque uno dei viaggi più lunghi della mia vita.. London never came.

But here! The unmistakable English countryside… beautiful as always.

Finalmente in UK.. take your bags, Changes between the money and we head towards the bus station to take again the Terravision that would take us to Victoria.

First sign of destiny: l'incontro con Joe, the bouncer of the Jazz Café with whom I have a photo; sounds like a cliche: but how small the world!

Before returning to Victoria to recover the other missing piece, ie Verena, Between me and we leave the hotel at a time (really short walk from Scala) relax for a moment, but it was true! We were more excited than ever and we were really giving the numbers inside the little room 3 “mattress” x 3. Obviously could not miss a tour of inspection at the local big event. Where to find the sweet Janice Russ. Two words on the fly and Russ shows us the photos of the day with Jay and then off again in Victoria… and also our caccolina arrives!!

We head back to the hotel, but first I wanted to show the local well and on the road to Verena meeting with Jonas, which recognizes the Vere street; was the first time I saw him, but he immediately made an excellent impression, is a really nice guy! Then back to the hotel and just outside to go to get something to drink at a pub near.

Ok, the day was passing and when we returned for the umpteenth time at the hotel before we see that in the meantime had arrived at La Scala all our international friends, but I absolutely had to go back to the hotel for “woman things”, while Vere went on a special mission!

Oddio.. I do not know how many times we made up and down, but I only know that when we came back before the time after going to make some Cheeba services had already arrived already a lot of people had started queuing. I had tickets and who we stuck to recover our seats. I tried to reassure Fra and Vere (not yet know with certainty whether they would be revenue) telling him that while I was entering to pick up seats and trying to send him out to take Jhon. When I entered the front row was almost completely taken, but I still managed to earn a piece for me. Near me there was an English girl who in truth did not seem a huge fan, but we talked for a few seconds while my eyes searched desperately Jhon and I called every two seconds between Verena and to hear if they had seen passing their. MsP trying to calm because I told: but how can I stand here knowing that they are out? Is not a concert without them!

At one point I can see there bypassing all the people who were behind us and I could not be happier. Here come the photographs that are placed in front, including David (cute as always), but fortunately it was only for the first 3 songs. In case goni were very kind and took care to show us good to us. By now it was just the beginning and in a while’ Cheeba and Guinness eccoteli to get on stage. Every time a new emotion, always beautiful. The band played with Cosmic Girl immediately and we dance and count like crazy; every now and then I turned to see what happened behind and saw the British impaled and then I thought then that we were not crazy!

(Cabbage I imagine if they were just a concert for all fans of the world… they threw him down the local!)

As usual the lineup I do not remember, I can only say that on High Times I fainted as she was beautiful, I listened and I like being in a dream, and the fear of being woken up was really great; sometimes I tried to look up the ladder attached to the floor trying to figure out where we were, Unfortunately I could not read a great deal because the writing was really small; so I returned to my dream Blessed.

As already Vere said Paul has really played by God and it makes me laugh to think that it was too ringalluzzito from Lovebox after he saw the legendary Stu. I'm glad because he has done really well and we finally encounter a bass that is played as Christ commands!

Needless to describe the emotion of when they were playing Little L and all clapped their hands in time to music.

It also comes Radio (I was going to make it dark) e Jay mi faceva troppo ridere perché si capiva benissimo che mentre la cantava pensava a quando l’aveva scritto.. what inspired him short! Ahahaha. Luckily Rob so brief that schitarrata and already this has meant that more appreciative of the piece. Then they tied to Feels Just Like It Should and hell if I liked! You know that I always hated that song, but they have really changed and has become something truly unexpected. Fantastico!!

Use The Force did not even need comments… beautiful as always, that makes you feel like dancing, jumping higher and higher. Not to mention Sola and Derrick had fun like crazy.

However, without that I continue to talk about the concert because everyone can see it now. Quello che non potete vedere era il feeling che avevamo con tutti i componenti della band e quando ad un certo punto Jay che rideva perché ormai conoscevamo tutti i pezzi e ad un certo punto cambia totalmente quello che stava cantando in modo che non potessimo più seguirlo e ci guarda sorridendo come a dire: I have scrubbed! Che drinking!!

After the concert I was a little’ sad, I have to admit, but as we walked back to the hotel I assure you that I walked a few feet from the ground.

Finally we arrive at the hotel and time two seconds between the already Vere and I slept so we started talking, still stunned by all and to our surprise we realized that the ceiling was about to collapse on his head and that the tap has lost all night… I thought that I would not be able to sleep that night either, but I was really too tired and I was truly deserved few hours of sleep.

The next morning, rest all fine, but actually still above the clouds, we get up from their beds to prepare and have a good walk to Notthing Hill before stopping to eat something along bullock Road. By now he was approaching the time to go home, and even if the dream was over no one would have to take off so there was fabulous.

Something that will forever remain indelible in our memories.

Once again thank Jamiroquai!