Pression Live private show in Paris, 31 May 2011 – Marta

I've never won anything in my life… I could not believe it when an e-mail me confirmed that it had won 2 Tickets for the concert in Paris private Jamiro!!! after so many problems of organization (flight, accommodation, accompanist, and above,tickets never arrived) il 31 May be!!! Departure from Venice, delay for the controller strike, anxiety because I had an appointment with a staff very kind girl Pression Live for the hand delivery of my tickets…but you get time, Chloe and I finally delivers the magic tickets! I and my loyal Enrica us in front of the Casino de Paris shortly before 20 .. started later than we thought, we did not know if the seats were numbered, Luckily our hotel was not far away and we had a nice walk without dinner!Si entra.. inspection of premises :), various gadgets and finally in…after the support team around 21 enter their, central stage, but low enough! I and Henry are on the right 3rd row, purtroppo abbiamo un paio di stangoni/e che ci occupano la, fortunately for us, a boy is taken away by security(pretty pissed off about this opportunity)because of the camera and we left the place on the steps near…From there we saw Jay in all its glory!for me to see him so close was a dream come true. The concert lineup was very similar to that of the European leg just seen,although at a reduced size:
– Rock dust light star
– Little L
– Canned heat
– Love foolosophy
– Travelling without moving
– Scam (intro)
– All good in the hood
– Deeper underground
– Alright
– White knuckle ride
Yet: Cosmic girl

Jay, dressed as a Mantova, but with more energy…when I saw him in March, I thought he was tired from the night before in Milan, This time I found it while loading and surprised by the warmth of Parisian parterre. Parterre at least .. guess we were about eight hundred people, the VIP area at the top was not particularly distinguished for “typhus”, but the fans down below were felt!
Almeno le mie file..
Ultimately: Perhaps the concert was a bit’ a “homework” for Jamiro, while still having only done pieces already planned for months, but I found Jay sincerely impressed by the warmth of the public…forse guardava solamente in basso 🙂 !
And for me it was fantastic…when I was a kid and I heard their songs in the walkman in my bedroom I never thought a day's visit to Paris to attend to their own private concert! The only lack: I wanted to hear “She’s a fast persuader” live,which unfortunately have not done in Mantua!
After the concert, lasted just over an hour, out of the room and waiting for the band, but I could not see (except for a chorus of) per abbandono 🙂 …Me and my partner we waited for about an hour, but on an empty stomach and only supported by the beer offered by the sponsor we decided to return to the hotel to collapse in peace :)!
Although it did not last long and wonderful adventure .. thank you very much!!
See you in Piazzola!!