Pression Live private show in Paris, 31 May 2011 – of Janluka

Paris, 31.5.11

Start at 4 home, after the previous day lived very intensely. Rome, hours 5,15, Ciampino Airport, the flight to Paris is boarding, some thoughts at the time of departure, and everything runs smoothly until the arrival in town. I have no way to hear Claudio, with which we are organizing for the concert and for the night.. Lunch and fast way, to the Casino. Ore 14, there is already someone in line.. also meets Jane, the French girl who just got his second ticket for the concert.. Long waiting, but quiet, the first to arrive was the band's Derrick, as always. Salutations rite, a nice “see you later..” e, for several taxis arrive the other band employees, but the 'main’ even the shadow. People are starting to increase, very different from other concerts, however, is that, unlike the 'cold’ and distrustful English, there was not much dialogue.. Then, Claudio and the girl, short and expected entry only. Then an interview with a French newspaper and the first surprise.
From Premeti that entry to the concert was set to send an email, in succession, admission tickets. As many extractions were performed close to the concert, many tickets were not mailed to the address, and agreements with the organization would have value even email the draw took place. Instead, he changed his mind Pression Live, However, access by only those who had received the tickets at home. And from the first, we find ourselves at the end of the tail. We find the way to have the 'Exchange’ ticket in the mail, in the meantime there's Daniela and Patrizia and in short it seems that everything is resolved.. :)

We enter, Delivery gadget, and immediately, via, front row, right, with Claudio and Claudia, while Danny and Patty on the left side. There's a band playing a nice funk jamsession, interesting, but maybe a little too high volume.. The concert begins, Jay in k-way verde (the same Mantova) which was the sweat just see it, very 'are sizzling', in the form, rested, with the band version “easy play, are four cats ..”), the audience that it was sometimes very cold, in the stands and seemed bored by 5-6 row there was not much movement.. The concert in if you have seen all (You can see him here:, little to say, personalente thought to something more acoustic, more experimental but did not say, especially, with less haste and less desire to 'andamosene ..'. And, unfortunately there was not all that involved in other smaller clubs I had seen. And, d’accordo, we were in England, but what sense does it offer stadium-style songs in arrangements (and long time-) from even a thousand people in lobby?.. Probably lack the will to propose, have fun.. How to say: there was none of the 'effort now exaggerate', e meno male c’era di mezzo la kronenbourg di mezzo.. Now, was not a disaster, absolutely, surely the sound engineer is now retired, But the band, si, that there. Repeat, my only “regret”, apart from the duration of the set (1h 15m), was not seeing a bit of improvisation.

Rock Dust Light Star
Little L
Canned Heat
Love Foolosophy
Travelling Without Moving
All Good In The Hood
Deeper Underground
White Knucle Ride
Yet: Cosmic Girl

End of the night, di corsa fuori e ‘finto’ backstage, Jay with only a puppet version he did with photos with fans behind the beer logo, an impressive sadness.

Well, I then I was emotionally more weight, ma.. See you at the next!.. :)