PalaOlimpico of Turin, 2 April 2011 – Andrea

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This review would call the: “How I met the band but as I'm Jay“.

It is the day of the concert, early afternoon on Saturday 2 April. Once in Torino verso le 9 am (and with only two hours of sleep the night) My brother and I arrive to the hotel for the room and place the bag, then via a fast lap around the city. We return around lunch time and while I climb the stairs of’ Hotel seems to me to see to my right, sitting outside at a table, two men from familiar faces: one is black and wears glasses, the other is white and his beard is scruffy. A shiver runs through the back, is a second, but in the meantime already so long that I find myself in the hotel lobby. I whirled, looking through the glass but they are hardly recognizable from the back and. I ask the porter if Jamiroquai staying in the hotel: the answer is yes. I also said that soon the rest of the band come for lunch, but that will accommodate outdoor. I realize that the two were sitting outside Derrick e Rob but I decided to wait until fall, all, we head into the dining room and take a table that has a good view outside. After a while down here all, Jay last. They sit at a table outside and I see it is better mr.Kay. My brother calls the waiter and ask if you can go to them for a photo but the waiter, after asking, tells us that when you are having lunch and do not want to be disturbed (words of Jay). After half an hour my brother sees Jay to get up and walk fast, gets up and runs after him while I was stymied by a family with children who cuts in front of me. Nothing to do, Jay dives into the elevator and presses the button, a little scared my brother says (My brother is tall and big, and chased, I do not think Jay has a point xD). Anyway my brother's rooms in the Room, I stay in the lobby waiting for others. Meet Derrick, my present, chat. He asks me where I came from and whether they are in Turin for the concert only, is nice but a little shy. Derrick is not very high but is sturdy and nice suit and t-shirts. I ask if you can take a picture with the whole band, he tells me yes, but not now because still have to get all that and say wait a sitting on the sofas in the lounge there, then goes away and not see him for a while. Meanwhile there is Sola the reception and ask for the keys of the room (604). Then comes Matt Johnson, but the phone line and immediately to the elevators. I make him a nod and he smiles. Is’ the cell also mr. But Harris is talking in the lobby and ended the phone call I approach, We exchange small talk and ask if I can take a picture and he replied that there are no problems. While searching for someone that I shot the photo, Sola approaches and takes the picture with both. Rob is a little while so Sola is very approachable. He asks me if it's my first concert, but I reply that I have heard them play twice in Naples. He says that he likes to Naples and we are always happy. I thank them, greet them, and head for the bus outside the hotel. Derrick also goes out then sees me and greets me in a hurry and quickly, saying that he hopes that the concert I like (shame about the lack of photos, but I did not want to insist). Instead I meet here is a funny guy and talkative: is mr.Turner. Paul is friendly, I do take the picture from a collaborator and then we start talking. He asks me where I come from, If this is the first time, and if this is the first time I see them indoors, in a building. He asks me if I saw some pictures of previous concerts because he really like the scene of this tour, with the planets and the images on the video wall. I'm like the compliments, which is a fantastic bass player, I also I play the bass and the bass track of She’s A Fast Persuader is epic! Ride him, says he has to admit that he likes a lot and we worked a lot and the bass is a wonderful tool and great fun. I also said that perhaps the play at concert, have yet to decide. Then he says that should reach out to others, greets me and says: “ci vediamo stasera.” I decide to wait for Jay, he will go down sooner or later, and the appearance in the elevator. Meanwhile a meeting of the singers, We ask for your name (of the three is Hazel), I make compliments and things like that and wonder where Jay, she laughs and replies that he does not know, nor when it arrives. They leave all, only missing Jay, but the bus leaves! Impreco in swahili, I tell the messenger that they are gone, but Jay has not gone to the hall and ask if there is a kind of no other way out. Me says Lui sa che non so, but tells me that will leave the following morning, and then there is still a chance to catch him. Sick and tired I go to recover some lost sleep before the concert. Arrival at the palace to the store and purchase a property within the t-shirt and autographed photo book to make me the next morning. The concert is exciting, I enjoy a good view and even though the years pass us by Jay still inside until the end. I welcome in particular the way they are arranged and played Cosmic Girl (the intro is fantastic), Space Cowboy, You Give Me Something (pleasant surprise), Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving e Alright. At the end of She's A Fast Persuader is not played, but I expected. Funny man sitting in the front row who can not keep time with the clapping of Little l :D. Once back at the hotel I decided to wait maybe their return, resist an hour but then I get tired in the Room. The next morning, the disappointment: I find the messenger that the band is not quite back to the hotel, has sent some employees to take their things and left for Florence after the concert! (What preventable, but I had forgotten that they had the concert of Florence, just a day after). I also said that the previous afternoon Jay did not start with the band bus, but it went away after a couple of Oretta, alone (anche a questa cosa potevo arrivarci tranquillamente senza il minimo sforzo -.-‘), so while I slept dreaming of the concert and the meeting of the Blessed next morning xD.

That's how I'm Jay, but I'll say hold me quite happy, for both live performances and for the great blow of c….fortuna di averli beccati nello stesso albergo. I hope to have a second chance!

In addition, the waiter told me that Jay is often at the Torino (because it is very friendly with Lapo Elkann), and is often improvised at the hotel. I said it was a nice person, and gentle way, but that he drinks too much (and that he feels too xD). I did not make the concert photos, I preferred to enjoy it in full. But I have pictures taken with the phone with Paul, Alone and Rob (Only the one with Rob and evil, however, has failed, luce alle spalle -.-‘) you can see on the bulletin Jamitaly su facebook.

Greetings to all, alla prossima 🙂