Palamalaguti, Bologna 01 October 2005 – by enos

It starts Saturday morning at 7.30 from Naples Central with Stephen, companion adventures… Train travel is long but the thought of being able to attend the show in a few hours gives us the right energy!

We landed at around Bologna 12 e, after several casinos to get to Casalecchio, deposit your luggage and get to the Palamalaguti… we reach the building in late monstrous (I was sure we would have lost the first row, how sad)! But before we meet the little Fracetana, how nice to see you again my darling (for the second time in a year, event!)!

Outside the Palamalaguti bill is the first that Donkey (FunkyDonkey) the girl… Then at the gate 6 e, as expected, was already a lot of people!

I hear a scream from afar ”INOOOOOS”.. nn I even need to turn around, I know that is Janluka, the only (or at least it was until Saturday!) to call me! What good to see him, LuvaV, girlfriend (our third live together!)… know Serena, Giusy, The refugee, iamafatbastard, Paul JamiroLife (big!) and his gang, Alessandro, Alessia, Francesca (piccerèèè!!)… mamma mia, it was great to put faces to all those strascorrere nickname and all together the whole day!

Not only… we say that the boys ”We had held the post” (eheh) since we entered the head of the line increase the chances of following the live with the chest on the fence!

Il tempo vola e tra una chiacchiera e l’altra e Jay che si mette a ‘pariare’ with a remote-controlled toy car right before our eyes… arrive 19. Ready??…Via! Open the gates, running to the front row accaparrarsila… we succeed! Practically, friends and relatives, we occupied the front row… dream! We arrange, talk with everyone, photo rite (with and without flag!) and two hours pass rapidly!

And at nine, puntualissime, turn off the light of Palamalaguti… Exeunt all the band instruments and positions, Apart from the pace of Canned Heat and a flash pops Jay Kay jumping on stage! Greets the public, Watch us and our unfailing flag, read the sign ”Remember? It was Naples 17.07” We smile and nods his head!!

The setting is beautiful, majestic, full lights there, Color, animations… but at the same time not too! Maybe this is what is lacking in the performances of the summer Tuor: scenography, show that in the open air is becoming essential!

But back to music… The band immediately fired cartridges gold playing Space Cowboy, E una strepitosissima Cosmic Girl Revolution (that loads the piece!).

After Little L and Seven Days in Sunny June is the time of Dynamite: a piece performed in a wonderful way!! An arrangement that still bouncing in my mind, by gooseflesh!

Continue with: Light Years (great proof of Paul on bass!), Love Blind (performs much + Rdal live!), Use the force… e, during the guitar solo by Rob, Jay falls in the audience… shook hands (mendicant, the left hand still hurts!), presents us with a grin and kiss the hand of sympathy to our Fracetana…

We're almost at the end of the concert: Black Capricorn Day (not that make me crazy…), Love foolosophy, Time won’t wait (What a beautiful watches on screens!) e (don’t) Give Hate a Chance is the burst of energy just before the beautiful Alright (have stumbled a bit with each, cmq but beautiful as always!)… thanks and ran down from the stage…

Few minutes to catch my breath (for us and for them!) and again on stage… The hall is lit in green and leave the majestic tones of Deeper Underground! Pure energy as always!!

”Bologna… Palamalaguti… Thank you!” And with a final leap Jay puts an end to the concert!

What about… certainly was the best concert I've ever seen… I can not explain why, but he had something special… music was amazing and even the outline of emotions during the pre-post-concert was incredible!

We are all pieces, was an exhausting day… all car (thanks for the crossings Janlu and Refugees!) e, Once at the hotel, everyone to bed… ache if someone will take a bit before falling asleep due to excess adrenaline!

I leave my thanks, as usual, all travel companions: a Janluca, Luke and Paul, and their respective cliques, to Refugees, a iamafatbastard, Alexander, a Donkey, to Alessia and Spades… boys, without you it was not all so special!

Dulcis in fundo ringrazio Stefano: are a great companion for adventures, inimitable (numm’o’scordo!); and Fracetana: know how I love you… it is great to see you, see you at a concert is paradise!

funk you all Party People!