Nova Jazz,en & Blues Night Festival, Vienna 24 July 2010 - Paul

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It was actually a “small” festival day internal, held in a wooded area of a small town south of Vienna, con il seguente straordinario line-up (in reverse order of appearance):







Is’ was very nice glimpse behind the scenes Jay, Rob, Derrick, the singers, closely follow a few moments of the concert of Incognito, held around 5 pm, Jamiroquai were foreseen when the stage only to 23! This particular situation “communion” I think it was much appreciated even by the artists themselves.

But we come to the concert by Jay and his associates. As expected climb on stage at 23 and a few minutes. The lineup is the usual tour (not Blow Your Mind and without Just Another Story), that although it is a festival can fully unfold (The concert will end almost one o'clock). C’è “rock light dust star” comes from the new album, Jay points out in November. Truly remarkable lineup thus, with many tracks from the first and second album, that the presence of the horn section to make it better, a fable!

The concert runs pretty quick, Jay seems in the mood, moves a lot, seems like the crowd is really packed to capacity and supports the band in every song. It ends with Canned Heat, but as always it comes to a Deeper Underground. Jay falls from the wings with a cigarette in his mouth and set a public smoking for the duration of the intro! Personally I do not warm but DU is a piece that goes up and unleash the public, then there can be. After Jay and the band greeted warmly and run away rather quickly, I have no news after party or meet & greet, also because the weather is enough to wolves, chilly and pioviginoso.

After the “cool news”, long-time fan I would give some very critical views…

1) the show is overall modest: the lighting is kept to a minimum wage: bull's eye on Jay and little else, throughout the third line of singers, Battery, Percussion, wind is practically in the dark, and is not due to the situation festival, For example, the lights of Incognito and Gotan Project were treated much better. One has the feeling that the whole weight of the concert is on the shoulders of Jay, but no longer young and get to the end song really tired and low oxygen. Unfortunately, the musicians do not help, limited to homework and have the personality to emerge (when I think of Stu and Toby…), also look really at the mercy of decisions and charisma of Jay.

2) Jay is truly a megalomaniac! Is’ frankly annoying, and is not the first time that happens, see quarrel with stage monitors for over an hour (and strength, has eight to control!). Besides, a couple of times during the concert go in person to adjust the amplifier's low of poor Paul!! Never seen anyone do that!

That said, a concert was definitely fun fair, but having had the opportunity to follow the same day as other major artists, one can not help but notice how the spectacle offered by Jamiroquai is mediocre.Personalmente, I enjoyed myself more and I appreciated the most Incognito, as I was also impressed Count Basic, not to mention the spectacle of theater and kept Gotan Project, and the great soul and charisma of “old” Gil Scott Heron. Is’ obvious such as Incognito give much more the feeling of being in a band together (although musicians often revolve), a common spirit, channeling more energy, one for all and all for one, and it is not just a singer accompanied by his musicians.

Quindi…hope the new album, and new tour!