Neapolis Festival, Naples 16 July 2010 - Of DavJK

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Ore 15.30. I leave with my brother at a time from my home town of Naples (Santa Maria Capua Vetere).

Is’ my first concert ever (ho 19 today,an excessive fear and apprehension from my mother I have always denied the musical events). But this time no.

I got a ticket the first day of pre-… played my idol JK.

After meeting and loaded into the car my brother… alla volta della mostra alle 18.30 si entra.. the alternation of band opened the concert is exhausting… luckily that beautiful lawn that receives my waiting. Reached the 22 Yann Tiersenn seemed endless and I slipped on his music. After trying in vain to approach the car to start the concert JK…: Was there.

While waiting I kept asking (ooo ma dopo arriverà proprio lui..?!? is not only a mediocre concert!).

Performances by kids cry… Deeper Underground which still regards the video… JK is a unique experience! If all the good they would listen to fan power.

I hope to see him soon, may already be in November with the new cd. Now I just say THANK YOU Jason, thanks guys to give me these emotions.