Neapolis Festival, Naples 16 July 2010 - Annalisa

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Anni, years and years still want to see with my own eyes and hear with my ears Jason live.
Already 2 occasions my city was able to host but I Jamiroquai, ahimè, I never managed to achieve.

Friday afternoon, Neapolis Festival. All 7 io, my boyfriend (tortured in my anxiety concert)and my friends are outside the gates. The wait was long, my pass was ready for at least a month and I could not wait to plow, for the second consecutive day, the entrance of the Oltremare in Naples where the 23 would play the Jamiroquai.

Throughout the afternoon they play other teams but I'm completely out of the world, My thought is addressed there, Jay Kay's voice suddenly comes straight to my heart.
The wait continues, long, I try to distract, impose me… I do not want to become a pain.
All 22.40 Yann Tiersen ends his concert, I jumped up from the garden when I was sunk along with a beer and exclaimed to my friends “Do you like, but now I have to be the barriers”.
Clear and incisive, direi 😀 Fortunatamente il mio fidanzato mi appoggia in pieno, I would never miss the opportunity of my life, my very first time, my agony duration 18 years finally over!
Succeed in just 5 minutes to be against the fence on the left side than the stage, but it is still close enough for me… I'm too petite and people would not look straight at the center of the stage. I try to keep calm, but the adrenaline rises, I repeat constantly in mind “you realize? finally heard him singing to a palm of your nose”.. pass 15 minutes and here, once and for all, after testing and retesting of lights and fittings, finally lights up the stage and out of the Jamiroquai… I do not see anything until I'm up in the air from my boyfriend… and there he is: Jason.
He and his hat with feathers. Non me lo immaginavo così grande.. from photos and video you see is huge, but the effect is amazing live.

My screams stun those 3 people ahead of me (yes, the same ones that kept me from watching the stage) and once down I do not hesitate, I make my way up to the nearest point to the barrier.
The distance becomes a 1 one person… I feel iperentusiasta.
Camera in hand, emotion to the stars, tears fill my eyes but I try to keep (and strangely I can,)arms writhing in a desperate greeting (which will continue to do for the whole concert, only person in my whole hand… near the end of the concert Jay returns my greeting. Certain, it is natural that I believe that it was not for me that greeting :D).

His Italian beautiful makes me smile, his greeting me move to Naples… and the first hints of Revolution make me leave the wonderful world of Jamiroquai and Jason.
The first concert of my life Jamir: an unforgettable event, I have all carved in my mind and I can not explain too much in words what I felt, What I heard… only those who went to his concert and the following can always understand what it is.
Even now, distance of a few days, if we think… My eyes fill with tears again and this time I let out quiet.
Grazie Jamiro.P er quello che mi hai dato in 18 today, for what you gave me last Friday.

Thank you for Jamitaly you gave me permission to put my emotions on paper… share with you that you understand fully all… no price!!!