Mediolanum Milan Forum, 30 Marzo 2011 – Michele

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Boys and girls, gentlemen that I saw in this band since I put my 47 today… what to say! Great Concert, beautiful scenery, beautiful music, excellent pieces rearranged, as someone wrote the exit from the parking lot or a little self discovery’ subdued but bears.

But then we must review this agreement or parking???????? however, just take 2 day and go to Monte Carlo as I did in July 2008 and have no problems parking or tails of various.

Tomorrow 21 luglio ci aspetta piazzola sul brenta e il 9 settembre ci siamo accaparrati i biglietti in tribuna per f1 rocks non mancate lo spettacolo e’ sicuramente assicurato quando c’e’ jay e i jamiroquai non si puo sbagliare!