Mediolanum Milan Forum, 30 Marzo 2011 – Stefano

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I state that plays despite Jamiroquai has always been the first concert I watch

What about the show, beautiful, beautiful scenery and effects, all talented musicians beautiful music, and although the area is created, the people dancing and having fun… Fantastico!

I really appreciated the fact that he made of the versions that differ from the original and I found the beautiful re-interpretation of the pieces…

Two flaws in the evening:

1) access to the Forum, shameful, exit of the parking Assago 45 minutes, vigilant than just messing, 6 € for parking, 10 minutes to figure out which side was to be based on the ticket that we had… it is shameful to think that such a structure in Milan (and will remain as the only dismantle the PalaSharp…) be managed so painful… it is true that at the next exit out of the ring road but maybe you could put less than one who does not know… obviously need to arrive earlier but not everyone who can work… I have a ticket for Subsonica and I have to go there but then just as Forum else scandalous enough to San Siro… you wondered why so many groups go to Udine and Milan? some begin to play with the sun at a volume car stereo is not the top…

2) we went to a concert about twenty minutes after the start, and after three or four songs we were wondering how come there a bit’ to hit and slap in the sound… certainly do not feel completely the snare drums!!! Deeper Underground after he began to feel and things changed… certain whether a singing dancing and having fun might not realize, but I am a musician, I wonder: it is possible that at some level such a thing happen? mah, shameful

Despite these two negative things, great concert (But for about one hour!)