Mandela Forum in Florence, 3 April 2011 – Simona

After well 5 and a half years from’ last concert I attended finally 3 April has arrived!

I bring with me and my sister Sandra 14 we are already out of the parking Mandela Forum. Arrive at the gates where there are already about fifteen of fans waiting, I wait for the arrival of Philip, who must deliver Jamitaly the legendary T-shirts! Meanwhile we enjoy the warm sun and the wait is long….. Philip arrives with his friend Raymond and after thinking about it gives me weird because we said goodbye as if we knew a long time (in fact it is so but it is the first time you meet from a person). Approaches as well Jamiroliv Alberto again thanks me for having sold the ticket to the unobtainable even if in reality the parterre for the’ He has done more for me…..

The hours pass quite quickly and 17 open the gates just as I was out of line trying to sell the’ another ticket! My sister and I mention it while I run and within a type screams behind me “expected to come after you have left the hair on the stomach of unsold tickets!” I turn and I understand that I do not care prefer to be near the stage as there are from 2 **** case!!!

Two more hours of waiting out there waiting for us, however,….. all caught by the desire to grab seats in the front row….. all 7 viaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa race you enter and that laughter seems to have stepped back in time and out of breath! However there before we Evva…. all 20,30 begin to play the Penguin Prison pleasant to listen to and then finally to 21, 10 around here they are, we… what to say, was time! I'm not going to list the ladder is pretty much published was a riot of emotions I sang danced a mega sweaty and I downloaded yes yes it did! Jay and the whole band, the short overtime up singers!

All 23 it's all gone outside and greet Philip Albert , I would have stopped but I had at home because Sandra riaccompagnare up early in the morning…. However, maybe next we knew huh account!!!!