Jazz Cafe, London 25 October 2006 – by Deja

London, 25 Ottobre 2006

Recital :
I could write this review if not half the screen with the video of the concert and half on this sheet and I could not listen to the concert with other than the heart and then leave the technical side to others and focus on what I + congenial : emotions.

Tuesday 24/10
I wake up early without knowing that will not sleep for a long time, I feel as if I were estranged always start in a month, between 2 weeks in a few days and instead now I get up, prepare the case and put me on the move…I do not miss a Cannetta but instead of helping me make a long bath and wasting time, finally towards 11,30 I put myself in motion, I close the bags and get ready to start.
Arrival at the station an hour early and as I read a book (something terrible unhealthy) arriva un signore anziano che mi chiede delle monetine, the coins do not let, but do i 2 sandwiches and a fruit juice that I'd carried on the train, but then what the hell I'm going to London to see a concert and he picks up cigarette butts at the station, He thanks me and tells me he goes to breakfast…and here is all a dream!
The journey is uncomfortable but fast, Italian railways are expensive and slow but who cares, I fly 1000 meters above that train flight to Fra, But, Janlu and how to find out the station with Ste.
Arriving on the train and people are asked what that mess out there, Who cries, but as those who??? Sono loro, gentlemen quiet the mess is x me and is an orgy of hugs and kisses and smiles.
I finally understand, I finally realize that it is true, failed to go off the train, non mi sono ammalata e domani partiremo x Londra!!
The meeting with STE is a sorpresona but the fact that it never “seen” he and Ale does not seem possible, I seem to have them always had close!!

The evening passes between a cane and the other, a white martini ( I wonder if one day someone will realize that means nothing smooth ice, anything orange and certainly no oil!!) Thousands of talk and a lot of laps in the car of the poor taxi driver suddenly become Stefano x night. Alle due portiamo a nanna Janluka e ci rendiamo conto che fra 2 hours we have to go to the airport.
What do you sleep?? Ma figuriamoci, We talk, thousand cigarettes smoked, update friends via the internet and decide what to leave in Rome and what to bring, just as I'm collapsing on the sofa x is a coffee and it's time to go.
Let's get that Janluka Among alarm so very traumatic but effective and 5 minutes later we drive the mother who with infinite patience to Ale 4.30 leads us to Ciampino, where boarded my suitcase,fumiamo un ultima sigaretta e siamo pronti a volare.
Una volta a bordo ci piazziamo comodamente (places in front of emergency exits) and I try to sleep with a headset iPod Ale

But of course it was very possible and we were taking pictures and hoping that the plane exceeded the sound barrier.

Wednesday 25/10/2006
At some point I think towards 8.30 English landed at Stansted in the morning and after much control + accurate Ciampino airport we went through a maze of stairs, corridors and escalators ( I'll be right where I left scolding xchè) and we get to the bus where after 2 seconds fall asleep.
During the trip, I vaguely waking moments where I see the Big Bang, some bridge, charming houses and I believe that British Inaki and Derrick are x street because the others are talking about then I wake up suddenly and I ask :” Inaki dov'è ma? e :” c’è Derrick?” but not really regains consciousness and arriving at Victoria station.
Get off the bus, raining on us and of course 4 we do not have 1 umbrella!
Fortunately Ale guides us into the station where we take the metro and go to the hotel to leave your luggage and give us a hair before going out.
Scappiamo subito a Camden e al Jazz Cafè dove conosciamo un buttafuori per metà italiano che lascia aperta la possibilità che io entri ( remember?? I still do not know anything!!) no say no but with a hopeful “see”!
At this point we do a ride and go near to eat them without spending huge that I imagined, understand how and where to get “the cheeba” and return to the hotel to take possession of the rooms and even sleep.
Maybe just with all the excitement that is not talked about himself and then shortly after arriving Janice, Claire and Lee and the party begins, we are all in our room except Janlu and then I'm going to call him and tell me when there are:” Look at who's down!”
Who do you think there is??
Meike e i ragazzi olandesi!!
I salute the window a bit to hallucinated saying ” but we had to meet in Camden?” and I invite them to rise, but they want to go straight to the Jazz Cafe and let us meet there.
Dividendoci in + We can room with shower (although this incredibly 3 girls who are nobody has brought a hair dryer and then continue to have the wild air) There hair straightener, We tricks, we make beautiful and at some point we are ready to go.
We go down to Camden and instead of nice people and there are individuals chatterbox + strange that could happen, all in 10 m, including an idiot who incites a rotweiler against a lady to me to Inaki and sling on his side ever until we are in front of the Jazz Cafe.
We arrive and there are a lot of people, welcome all, kisses, talk and of course there's lots of rain, so our straightened hair back wild and unifies us perfectly with the climate in London.
Ale and I go for a coffee, and when we go out with the hot coffee in paper cups are all outside the doors to see something very concerned.
We join now and feel and see the band trying, Jay greets us with his hand and turns often to smile at Rob, seems to me to be in seventh heaven and I see that I did not come for nothing, see that at least you hear them from here!
I make friends with the bouncer that we are not seeing a bunch of crazy fanatics and hysterical howling but many nice people who go around eating biscuits made by Meike relaxed and unbuttoning a bit ', at some point the Ale also goes to get coffee because it makes us great affection and great in the rain and the next song starts to dance too and the friendship snaps, Later at my request to be impressed and admit that we are the best fans that have ever, eh Big Joe, You are the best and nicest bouncer that happened to us!

Time passes and we're off, rain and after a while’ I feel a great smell of grass but does not smoke around anyone, do the photos with flags and a little later down the bodyguard of the John Jay x Among healthy ( where we give you the number xchè perhaps after the port) , Janlu and the vinyl covers to be signed by Inaki saying that Jay has seen from above and asked for things to autograph, Capture the emotion, I lift my eyes and I see a blonde and I think that Jay is stained or made a mistake or window, John x give us back down and signed things I suggest you ask him if he can do something for my ticket x, lui dice che non può garantirmi nulla ma che chiede a Jay, io tuta contenta mi dispondo ad aspettare anche se in realtà dentro di me era già decaduta la speranza e avevo la certezza di stare fuori, but after 2 and a half months had passed and I was excited about the sadness of what I was having (that was the lesson??), hour after ( I do not remember what happens in the meantime if not chatting much and that sometimes it stops raining) Between calls him but he with a lapidary “nothing” close the question and the face is much worse among my, I fear that is x to a head on the wall and so I smile!
We decided that the time is right to give the gift to Brother xchè I want to wear the pendant for the concert and Joe put us on dry bag and gift give x.

It is a very beautiful moment, Between me and is happy and Ale does not seem real to be able to organize everything in time.
The man put his neck on buffalo gold, reads the greeting and the escape of grin from ear to ear.

Here I voids, I do not remember much, I was at my 35 ith hours awake and not quite this, I know that at one point Derrick leaves and goes to talk to Between and Ale, and I shy shy I approach and I say to Ale in one ear to present, we kiss as we say we are glad finally to know and we continue to talk until a little later comes a guy who asks if he can ask a question, I took advantage of and almost in a whisper say ” and the, then when you get a minute I would add it too”He stopped the boy looks at me and tells me :” Go on!” and go easy on you think I am sorry to disturb even the waiter at the restaurant figured you ask for a ticket x, However I find the courage from somewhere and in one breath say:” not happen to have a ticket me x? ” and he “erm no ticket no, but I have this!” and I put up a silver bracelet 5 stelle, naturally I do not believe it and almost jump for joy in your arms, Since then I walk away I could cry.
I start crying xchè I can not believe that it reminded me, perché sono stati mesi di tensione in cui via via vedevo entrare gli altri e diminuire le mie speranze e perché sono talmente stanca che non riesco nemmeno a mettermi il braccialetto ed ho paura che arrivi qualcuno a dirmi che non me lo merito o che è un errore.
Ale and I include him, I kiss and Ale is moved, I finally closed the bracelet and arrives Inaki who had meanwhile been able to get too, ci abbracciamo, dance, arrives Janlu, I do all the compliments ( perhaps someone a bit Rosica’ especially among people without tickets arrived in the meantime) and I seem to have received Christmas gifts, birthday and a wedding list completes all together.
After some’ Joe looks at me and tells me:” but you know that's a VIP pass and you can enter at any time, even now?” and I avoid fainting :” ah nice thanks xò without them (Among pointing and Ale ) not within”..lui mi guarda come se fossi pazza ma io mi ritengo + satisfied so that, and then what to do by itself?? I do not know anyone and I want to do all this experience with them 2 beginning to end ( I know many of you will think that I was stupid but it again) .
The bouncer tells us to half Italian disposci in a row and when I, Ale e Fra temiamo che le nostre schiene stiano per spezzarci ci fanno entrare.
The lady at the door looking at me as if I stole the pass, the twists and turns reckon that the stars are 5! Evidently I must have looked very recommendable or should not seem possible that such a pass is in my hands, however, to face reality and makes me get where 10 meters after I stop to wait Fra and Ale and just see that coming ( are after me) I'm going to take the front seats.

Non vi faccio una cronistoria del concerto perchè lo avete potuto vedere, There are ladders and many people + brave me.
But some comments and feelings:
first of all : Use the Force has been an explosion, although it is all I have beautiful ex played everything so masterful, quell’intro, that position was the key moment with Runaway, but for a song ” old” and not considered among those + famous (space cowboy, cosmic girl, little l, mr.moon etc.etc.etc.) gives the maximum, was indescribable, as if accustomed to something nice but not exceptional pulling out of the hat to you the 8th wonder of the world.
Then: x join me personally was how to get together this Christmas and Birthday gift xi and + an entire wedding list and I will never (even if I tried) thank Derrick enough and I hope he has heard and read in my eyes because it was good, special and important and what it has done great x me.
To view video sembriamo mooooolto + calmer than they really were and when to stop singing if Jay told us to continue to mess it was not because we were not thrilled but because it fell from her lips ( but as he spoke? Verona has not even spoken so!) and instruments of the band.
Someone said that Jay has made mistakes ( true, su Runaway ho notato ad es.) but, else that you can not see the video, not follow precisely during Runaway + the band but we, xchè although we 200 or shortly + If coprivamo, especially on that song, and personally, I tried to load + proprio su quella perchè era la prima volta che la suonavano ad un concerto e volevo che facessero una splendida impressione ( especially with the TV), I felt it was a very important, so if he went out of time is our fault not his, I felt that I was in the front row and he barely singers before me.
Jay, let's say hours I had a lot of preconceptions they instead gave me a good impression and not because it is cool rich and famous ( where x was the one I was in Italy and went to Cinecitta to cool the rich and famous and), but because I thought it was a boy, a very simple man, nice, happy, you with a great charisma ( and charm, charisma sex appeal but) an excellent tool ( voice) to harness and express his creativity, you see how happy she was at the video, we see that responded with smiles of joy to the expressions on our face, I think that sometimes we forgot about ( I certainly) on TV.
Repeat: nice, Simple, hand, joyful and happy to see us happy, immediately created a great relationship with us (public) and it was fun and definitely enjoyed the show with us and I had nothing to ask even, have seen that is so is yet another gift, then in his private life be that as it does not concern me, x hour and a half but that was before my eyes, I felt proud and stupid that I had created xl'immagine.
Oh and then when you see it in the foreground, è di fronte a noi sporto verso al cameraman che si piazzava tra me e Ale, if not above!!! J
It does not close his eyes as it looks on TV but tip them straight in the face to those who are in the front row and I can assure you that it is not as easy to follow even if you look very nice and attentive to what happens ( I have a couple of moments locked in the drawer of memories, the few in which I could not look away)
Of course there was once some of those left at home began to say that he wanted this or that song instead of this or that…Well not me, I wanted it to last more 1, 2 ,3 , 10 hours but what they gave us was wonderful, every song was played / sung with passion and skill and I do not really think that we can complain.
If the person who makes these comparisons had been there I'm sure will agree with me!
I'm sure he would have enjoyed so much every single note do not even say ahh shame that they did not even Radio ( and then I do not think they made it because we would sing and it is nice not having yet emerged J).
In conclusion, hours have been a dream, is the expectation that I really realized that the fans are not necessarily a bunch of hysterical teenagers or fussy and comment that they know everything, but people like me, with a passion, a love x ispiegabile the work of these guys and really want to be comfortable with them and make them feel welcome as they ( maybe someone at work was doing it to me!!! :D)
Band: all very good, about Paul, I have never had any doubts, I have learned in taking home a man who speaks little things that show in deed and he does a piece that we are a nostalgic bunch of traditionalists who would see the best give him a chance x.
Derrick …Well I would not be objective, I find it always very good and then I use the drums and bass as the rhythm of reference so I was with him with every beat!!
Rob and Matt talented, without debate, I have not heard much ear x guitar and keyboard, I can not always identify them as sounds, or at least separate them from the rest, I get + other natural sounds ( Ditto wind xi I realized toward the end while I was playing almost opposite avendoceli, except the sax that stands still).
The solo Rob I really liked and then I like how it sounds, it's rock or not I do not give anything, I find that they continue to make great music so I do not see what's wrong.
Sola is always wonderful and as Derrick Judah always the rhythm that makes me move.
The singers are excellent, also the new girl, have the ability to make everything feel fuller and warmer and are very nice and smiling, showed me the new tenderness ( I do not know the name) and the fact that Jay was gentle with her having seen excited.

It took a while’ x me out, c’era chi voleva l’autografo, who talk and those who do not unplug the cord of that evening as I eg. but eventually they made it.
Fuori insieme a quel genio vestito da scimmia c’erano una marea di paparazzi ( 10/15) all great ( Derrick seems small in comparison) e con le facce incazzate, uno sembrava un navy-seals pronto a sbarcare a Guantanamo o alla Baia dei porci!
And there clik, I realized a few things!!
Some have gone to the pub, others have stayed there, Inaki wanted to greet and give the gift Sola, I wanted to greet and thank Derrick ( but declined saying that I thank him at all because I am a big fan and I deserved it!! Pure, I can not even thank him…Derrick Adottami, still young, Consumer little except the “cheeba” as a physicist and a girl I can spend x 16 today, a little’ Plastic became a perfect daughter!!) and of course we wanted to see Jay.
I actually see him more than ( I had seen half an hour before) I wanted to see for myself what would happen with the paparazzi.
And this was a critical step, Now, can make fun of all the videos you want, stop one day and one well that I still know what I saw with my eyes and I saw that it was a great gentleman and so I just.
You can not imagine how I needed to see this scene, alone is worth the whole trip and I also understand what kind of attitude they have the paparazzi and I admit that if they ever attack me that way I probably would put me to scream or hide under a burka, not joke, I would never be given to those fed velociraptor shooting.
And then someone had bothered to tell reporters that the concert could enjoy it instead of taking notes in school and how much to return home would have found online!
After watching Jay safe Fra crushed between the car and talked to the doorman 2 great guys that I knew who they were and we were dragged to the Pub where Janice, Claire, Lee and others ( including Matt and his wife) and we drank a beer dreaming then we took a taxi in front of the pub and hotel where we slingshot finally to 4 have fallen asleep.
The next morning I woke up with a face like punched, perhaps because 5 hours of sleep on 72 are a bad media and I felt bloated as if I had punched, feeling that even an average of coffee from Starbucks has managed to take off my.
The next morning we went out and then at other times of Bur, plane with several laps late and we arrived in Rome where, After leaving the station x Janlu Terms, Ale's mother welcomed us with a wonderful pasta with clams.
Naturalmente ci siamo subito collegate e guardate un pezzo di video ma all’1 sono crollata e nonostante mi fossi messa la sveglia alle 6 neither I nor Fra we felt and I lost the train of 7.35 so I arrived home at 18.30, Fortunately this time the trip was in the company of a good book ( Jean M. Auel) .

Primarily to Ale and his family for the reception, availability and Mum x dinner and woke at dawn at the airport X leads.
For all x Ste, surprise, x i lunghissimi giri in macchina e x il dvd.
X between the woman who is, xl'amica that proved
Janlu xchè is Janlu
Janice, Claire and Lee x gossip, breakfast and happiness because I had entered
Meike xi biscuits former hotel surprise
Inaki x be my sweet little brother Basque x hugs and interest ( was always asking me are you late? Everything ok?) affection shown.
Derrick Well to be there interested in me and much more.
The band and Jay x everything in that hour and a half have shared with us and happy smiles on their faces printed.
Renè, Natalie, Ester, Jeroen, David, Spanish and the boys who was there with us to be easy and friendly and made me forget the rain.
Jamiroquai Jazz Cafè 2006 who has lived now fully understand the meaning of the phrase “stillness in time”!