Neapolis Festival, Naples 16 July 2010 - Philip

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Dopo 4 long years since my last concert of Jamiroquai, I have the honor to attend a new live within walking distance from my house!

The wait lasted for months, since it was announced for the first time the cast of Neapolis Festival, is finally over: il 16 Luglio, with a hot those difficult to forget, all 15 I started the show overseas with Stephen and Angela. Upon our arrival we meet the friends of every adventure… it's nice to gather together once again to await the opening of the gates: you will take too long to list the names of all, now the family gets bigger and bigger and more beautiful!

Not that we have entered already struggling with disorganization of the event… hours of waiting in the sun and finally enters: Click to a retired sprinter and the first row is our! While we attach the flag to wind barrier: Jamitaly there.

The afternoon passed quickly between chitchat, some updates to the Facebook page and a constant distribution of stickers with the flag site address. Some of us wearing the vest Jamitaly created for the event (Raymond, Thanks awfully!), someone else attacks the adhesive to Jamitaly tshirt: There is little to say, together we are beautiful!

There is also the time to get a very welcome on the flag autographed by Jay Kay… when the 23, After the alternation of many (too many?) gruppi sul palco è finally time Jamiroquai! The band seems much fun while playing, although a bit’ annoyed by objects that occasionally come on stage; Jay'm very relaxed and not worried about the obvious problems of audio.

The lineup is one that we all dreamed for years that hardly forget:

Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Blow Tour Mind, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground

Prima del concerto, when the instruments were mounted, all looked at only one thing: “There are?”, “no?”, “but, they are bringing anywhere…”. The wind, c’è poco da fare, Make a Difference: When You Gonna Learn, Canned Heat, Blow Your Mind… without the winds were not so beautiful.

A long lineup, very long, but unfortunately slips away quickly thereby closing a day that will leave in our hearts the pleasure of spending many hours in a wonderful company and an evening with the music that made us know.

The only negative of the day is linked to many all'inciviltà and disorganization of the event: too many people visibly altered, many completely drunk, have marred the concert many people. The safety was not only completely uninterested in what, but it was literally frightened by these subjects. Please understand that thousands of spectators are not only thousands of tickets sold, but thousands of people from “manage”.

Thanks all for this wonderful day, thanks to those who stood by me in this hot 16 Luglio 2010 and thanks to those who, although there is, he lived at my side!

Funk you all!