I-Tim tour, Palermo 26 July 2003

Try to imagine the scene… I wake up after a good 9 hours by boat, dazed and sleepy… I leave my place, captain announces that we are docking at the port of Palermo… I go on deck at the bow and looked out curious: I lose myself in my first glance at Palermo but after a few moments jolt: few yards away I see the stage of I-Tim tour: soon I saw for the second time the Jamiroquai live!!

The morning seems to never go… the afternoon at 3:30 already near the stage with Stephen and Louise. Francesca with the boy I know, Gigi and Veg @ s with their friends, are all behind the barricades, all with the same twinkle in his eye!

The hours passed slowly under the scorching sun, artists on stage feel that in some cases raise considerable interest Archinuè and Bungt&Fearing) and performing groups emerging from the limited capacity… ORGANIZATION everything seems to increase the agony of waiting!!

Roll out the attack on my banner hurdles: a flag of Italy with a large black patch in the central Bufaletto, the white… I prepared with Stefano (el'ha sewn Mama!) I hope to launch Jay and snatch a picture that would have been much more than just a memory…

Start the evening: groups preceding Jamiroquai heat the atmosphere in an excellent manner (of course I am referring only to those cited above, others leave much to be desired…), Peppe Quintale we deal with while mounted the stage behind him… is the same pyramid of the summer tour last year, simple but beautiful.

”Ladies and Gentlemen, i Jamiroquai!”, Finally, no longer resist! Now will be 23 Past, behind me, thousands of people anxiously awaiting! After two pieces of good musicians out house music, Sola, Derrick, Matt, Nick e Robb… then start playing… ”Good evening Palermo!!”, Jay greets the crowd excited: fatigue of an entire afternoon in the sun has already flown away!!

At first the usual sound problems that spoil Canned Heat and the beginning of Cosmic girl, first two pieces: Jay revolutionize all, moves two monitors on the catwalk of the stage… His voice starts to feel better finally (if not mistaken they also extended jam on the intro of "Cosmic Girl" just to solve these problems sound!)! Lovers of the band and the profane are also fun with the famous ”clap-clap” the rhythm of Little L (eh eh, someone was just clumsy!!)…

Space to spare high-class: Finally after years resents Blow Your Mind! Certain, breath is another thing but… Matt gives a solo that is truly creeps! Jay sang it with a single transport… and each ”say it again” I had a shiver ran through his back…

While giochicchia launched by the public with some puppets Jay says something like ”you know that I am a great good guy… never smoke… not coming by car…” e partono High Times e Travelling Without Moving (I repeat, I think the most beautiful piece live in absolute… even if that is the same speech on the first breath…): various solos by Nick (more uninhibited last year) that show how good he is (during his slap I think of all the criticism on the forum, I think you have silenced all boys)

You want a moment of pure magic? Jay&what. will transform a simple Butterfly in a trance of sounds that blends the emotion of another precious piece,

Just Another Story: Thousands of people will be bored long in this part of the concert but I assure you in the front row we exchanged excited glances and exalted… these are the best Jamiroquai.

Piece inevitable, needless to say, is Alright: during the intro Jay looks the flag that I and Stephen clutching, the means and smiles… a cameraman lined us up and our beautiful Faccioni end up on giant screens on either side of the stage! Then run the flag to Jason but he walks away without noticing meanwhile… piece begins, Nick continues to amaze and amuse the audience to sing the refrain. Following is the apotheosis of Love Foolosophy and percussion: Jay called alternately Sola and Derrick starting to beat on the drums like madmen, solos truly fabulous!

”Good evening Palermo, thank you very much!”… all begin to call the band, obviously expect an encore… Meanwhile, the same cameraman first stretches the flag at the center of the stage then the framing: I was a blow, My flag was projected on the giant screen behind the pyramid!!

The guys back on stage, parte Deeper Underground, Jay picks up the flag from the ground and kisses the buffalo-man: sang the whole piece clutching, I could not believe it!

Conclude the piece and leave the scene, this time it really finished the concert… meanwhile already beginning to think about the next time I'll see them live!

Just enough time for a photo with his companions of the evening and then head towards Cefalù with ears ringing me crazy and my heart still beating for those emotions.

My second live, something really fabulous and special… few times have I felt so happy in my life, really.


P.S.: end the flag has it Jay… if you took it to the end of the concert!