Fiera di Genova, 12 July 2005 – by Valentina

I was there! My first concert of Jamiroquai…. One day I'll never forget:

già dal pomeriggio la tensione è al massimo.. was scheduled for a nap and then hold out until late at night but who take it to bed??? A thousand thoughts, tickets already in his pocket ready to be pulled out, the bag with groceries on the table (important thing not to die! :D).

Ore 17.30 finally part! Direction Genoa! Mom gets into the car (Yeah they are still youngsters to ride) e senza cartina guida fino alla Fiera.. was the heart (and a modicum of guidance) to take us up there.

Ore 19.00 gates still closed, così ci scappa un giretto fra le bancarelle e l’acquisto di una canotta con il buffalo man.. as not being able to take a souvenir to wear during the concert?!?!!!!!

A minute later the doors finally open and we all funds within the Fair… a beautiful place is not ideal but I think for a concert: ample space to hold thousands of party people, the sea in the background and a huge cover over our heads to avoid a shower of rain.

I can win a place in the fourth row on stage left, I sit down and the wait that is interrupted by the arrival of Jason on a purple bus.

Now all we get up and applaud when our darling salutes and down the stairs to hide backstage to organize the evening.

Time passes, I make friends, you talk to those around them and make bets to guess which song starts with the tour. Some say “Feels just like it should”, who says “Dynamite” but in any case have to wait to see who is right!

Ore 21.00 The crowd has quadrupled. Si alzano fischi e urla.. now not take it anymore!!!!! Dov’è Jason???

Ore 21.30 Finally the band scene and the pace “Canned Heat” (ehehe all screwed! Nobody guessed) Jason comes out.

They play for two Oretta poor passing from the first album as a success “Revolution 1993” to spare as timeless “Little L”, “Love foolosophy” e “Corner of the earth”, Songs from the new album (“Feels..”,”Dynamite”,”Electric Mistress”) a “Deeper undergorund” played twice….


Jason manages to make everyone sing and dance! Even my mom (no more sprightly and agile) able to lash out on a step away from the stage to the beat of funky music!

Just bought the camera has worked overtime that night! Continuavo a schiacciare quel povero bottone che mi sa non ne poteva più.. but in the end the result was excellent! Lots of pictures of Jason (many in the movement because he was not an instant stop) and band (background… ehehehe!!!)

Funny moments of the concert: Jason pulling three kick a soccer ball towards crowd (a real football player!) and Jason that sudden swordsman with the lightsaber.

Ore 23.30 The moment comes shortly expected: Jason & Banda greet and thank all disappear behind the stage…….. but we could let them go so??? No! So all those who improvise a drum roll voice (ooooooOOOOOOO!!!!) hoping that the Space Cowboy returns out for a grand finale!..

We are waiting for that scoundrel but eventually comes back with the band and played for the second time “Deeper undergorund”. The sound is fantastic, earth trembles, tremble guts and Jason all the time jumping up and down the stage… and we follow him by jumping and screaming.

Once the song starts kisses from all, greets disappears (never to return) backstage.

Went home without any shred of bitterness (that the concert was over) because I have done so well that it is impossible to feel sad!

So very slowly on the road to home with ears still ” I’m going deeper underground….”