Algida Cornetto Free Music Festival, Naples 17 July 2005 – by enos

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Ciao a tutti party people,

The last night was incredible, mad, absurd… by lasciarme really speechless!!

First was a long day: leaving home at 12.30, meeting with Stephen and Louise and directly in the center, to the beautiful Piazza del Plebiscite, magical setting worthy of a night so special!!

Meet newly arrived and Gianluca and Francesca, after eating a mouthful, We start looking for the pass for the frontstage (it was not clear who was to deliver!)! Meet Janluca, Luke and his girlfriend, spend some time together… review it reminds me of the concert in Naples 2002: Another magical night under the sky of Naples! Unfortunately this time we were a bit distant because of the pass and the division into sectors, but our eyes are crossed so many times you can say we have lived together even this evening! Finally, in line to pass the bill with his cousin Gigi… they can see how nice every now!

Finally we pass the neck, we get into our sector and, Having rested his chest to the grating, Now unroll our flag: the tricolor with the center Bufaletto (mythical artwork is Stefano!), identical to the one launched in Palermo in Jay 2003 and took away with them…

The concert starts, follow each other on stage nuclei (really good!), an emerging group of which I can not remember the name, gli US3 (revelation dela evening, acid jazz by fear!!!), Irene Grandi (…), Morcheeba (talented!), Joss Stone (beautiful and flirty! a note: the bassist is a monster, xkè but does not play with us?!?) and finally, all 00.30 about, go onstage Jamiroquai!!

The square was packed, all in a ferment and the fatigue of a long day, had failed to turn off all our enthusiasm… rather! ”Naples, great to come back here!”: Jay jumps left and right as usual, visibly excited to sing in front of a sea of people! The only flaw of the evening was the time you have given to Jamiroquai: too little, Far too little… perhaps the number of groups that preceded them was excessive: for charity, a beautiful evening of music, but perhaps we needed to fix things better…

These are the pieces that the band played:

  • Canned Heat
  • Space Cowboy
  • Cosmic Girl
  • Revolution 1993
  • Little L
  • Feels Just Like It Should
  • Use The Force
  • Seven Days in Sunny June
  • Love Foolosophy
  • Alright
  • Virtual Insanity
  • Deeper Underground

We were near the stage with his eyes wide open looking for every emotion: Jay has devoted many looks, many smiles… e, When we showed our flag, We smiled and said ”What a nice flag!”!

Ah, Then when he announced the piece ”Revolution 1993” from the front row started a scream of joy that drew his attention: We looked amazed and amused!!

Boys, was a wonderful concert, my third live album by Jamiroquai, My third night magic!

He was also and above all thanks to my fellow travelers: Luisa – patience and endurance that you had!); Stefano – accuse me of bigotry, But you certainly are not less!!; Gianluca – too poor sufferer, but at the next concert you want them in the front row!; Francesca – Your beautiful words have no need of any addition: our wonderful friends from music and travels far! I love you!; Besides Janluca, Luke, girl, Gigi, Cousin, Raymond, boys Puglia, the girls next to us… everything was special thanks to you! A final thanks to the cameraman who has taken up many times during the show!

Funk you all party people!