When the Simpsons find the Jamiroquai

The TOY2R, company specializes in making toys as an art form, at Friday's release of the Simpsons has organized a traveling exhibition entitled “Bart Simpson World Wide Tour”, they are exposed to small models of Bart Simpson revisited by artists from all over the world.

Una foto della vetrinaWhat does all this with the Jamiroquai? Among the dozens of models made there is a Bart small inspired video “Don’t give hate a chance” Jamiroquai, designed by Felice Limosani, creative director Luisa VIAROMA in Florence. The Jamirobart will be sold at auction.

If you are interested in the exhibition, please visit http://www.toy2r.com/ more information and if you want to see some other step of Jamiro-Bart, visit the page Danacea on Flickr.

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