New post on MySpace Derrick

Today Derrick McKenzie, Jamiroquai drummer, I posted a new page on its personal blog on MySpace. In his post talks about the collaboration that currently is conducting with the Continuum and Nude with Sophie Delila and then devotes a few lines to Jamiroquai, revealing that in the coming months will go back to work:

I'm totally enjoying this time and look forward to returning to the studio with Jamiroquai to create some new piece!!!!!!!!

I practiced and listened to several things lately by absorbing various musical influences, I wanted to express in the next album by Jamiroquai for you guys!!!!!!!!! I am very excited for the forthcoming album, we will take the proper time to ensure that all the songs are powerful in one way or another. Everything goes well and in the coming months we will begin to write and I will keep you updated, then visit this space and all those on the band!!!!!!!!

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