News da Jay e Matt!!

Messages from Jay and Matt a few hours concertone of London, I remind, will be held tomorrow evening at Victoria Park!

Start with the message of Jay turned to all the lucky fans who attended the wonderful concert:

"Only a few days to go before
we headline at the Lovebox gig at Victoria Park.  I’m really hoping
this gorgeous weather lasts and we have a sunny day.  I love doing
outdoor gigs, and it’s great to play a home crowd in London.  I look
forward to seeing you all there with your sun hats and shades and
looking chilled whatever the weather!"  Jay Kay

We continue with Matt who got married in secret last 18 July in Tokyo!!


I don’t usually use this space for personal
stuff but I have to make an exception and announce that on Tuesday [18
July] I got married in Tokyo to Tanya Burke (now Johnson!).

been an amazing few days, some of the best in my life. I have also
travelled on the bullet train (very fast train) out to the far north of
the country, which is really beautiful.

Tomorrow I am coming back to the U.K. just in time for our Lovebox show, guess I better do some practise!


Auguroni to Matt and his wife and a big hug "our" participating in the Lovebox festival in London tomorrow!

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