Born Jamitaly, The Italian community!!

Finally after so much work comes Jamitaly, the community of Italian fans.
Come leggete in home page, site was created with the intent to unite and bring together all fans from all over Italy.

Jamitaly allows everyone to interact with the site in many ways: can send the info that you find around the web, send downloads, discussion forum, take surveys, etc…
Needless to dwell in chatter: I advise you to register and immediately begin the adventure.

For the moment the site is “test”: needs to be properly tested before they can be considered truly OK.
For this reason I need your help: When detected errors and / or anomalies please let me know immediately.

When we are sure the site is sufficiently stable to migrate a domain that will allow many additional features.

Meanwhile I wish you all good navigation!!
For any information or for any reason, do not hesitate to email me.


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