Matt updated his blog

matt johnson, tastierisa dei jamiroquaiMatt Johnson, Jamiroquai keyboardist, updated his blog on MySpace stating that he made available to the sounds programmed for the Novation Xio synth freely downloadable.

Furthermore concludes his post by ensuring that the band will return soon to the studio to work on new album:

“Other than that I have been doing a lot of very creative writing and recording with various people lately, I’m loving it, although I must admit I miss playing live a little.
But soon we will be starting to work on the next Jamiroquai album, I’m excited to see what that is going to be like!”

For more information and to read the full post from Matt, visit his MySpace:

UPDATE: site of Novation Music is available “Jamiroquai Patch Player” To listen to the sounds used in the pieces of JMQ available for the synth.

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