Jamirotribe: the tribute-band from Turin

After reporting yesterday morning there “present” i Jamirotribe, tribute band Turin. Here's how they describe:

Jamirotribe born in September 2005 union of 10 children share their love for the acid jazz, funk and dance music. The band then decided to bring the songs of Jamiroquai from the dawn of its production until the last work, rivisitandoli, But adapting and running them along their taste and sensibility. And 'This produces the Jamirotribe Big Band, a real tribe composed 10 elements. The group performs from January 2006 in different rooms of the Turin including TeatroAvento, Pronto Soccorso degli Artisti, Epicenter, Dan Donnelly's, "Festa d'Estate of Clod" (about 1500 Participants), Corner House and other, proposing a live energetic, exciting and unique feature: Their show is in fact divided, all’occorrenza, In the first part from the character distinctly acid jazz (where you prefer the most sought-sounding tracks) and a second part clearly more danceable, as predominantly a repertory dance (performed with the help of special instruments such as Guitar-synth, V-drums ecc…). All mixing, in one show, more 2 hours of music "played" and "to dance".

Their (beautiful) Site www.jamirotribe.it can also listen to some live piece.

Good luck to them!

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