Jamiroquai are directed to the sheriff of the Web

Jamiroquai album sales are declining, but apparently the cause is not only the prolonged silence of the band.

A simple monitoring of only 3 peer-to-peer has revealed more than 250.000 download di files mp3 in 4 days: interest in the music of Jamiroquai is still high, but in many ways to reach it illegal.

For this reason Jamiroquai have turned to Web Sheriff, a service that will monitor and combat illegal distribution copyrighted material. The founder, John Giacobbi, It runs the business through a network of relationships based on respect the A cooperation with portals file sharing Web: in this way is the removal of material from P2P networks “protected” much easier.

Among the other artists who have turned to the sheriff of the web there are Prince, Arctic Monkeys e Franz Ferdinand.

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