Jamiroquai Feathers! Unusual tribute in a shop in Empoli

Poster of Feathers!

From afar 1992, when he formed the band, Jamiroquai fans around the world have given voice to their passion in many different ways, one more original than the… but this is really unusual!

Christian, a fan of our community, runs a hobby shop at Empoli where it sells the material to create jewelry and more, and he decided to organize an event right in his shop by the name “Jamiroquai Feathers!” to spread the music of the band and to further publicize the concert in Florence. During the day you will hear only music of Jamiroquai, It will set up a TV screen where the DVD will be transmitted Montreux concerts in Verona and and also the display will be set up to issue. There seems to be a little’ of Jamitaly the shop!

The “Jamiroquai Feathers!” will be held Saturday 26 March to Empoli, at the store Cosmic! Piazza Garibaldi.

Also you have organized or want to organize an original tribute to Jamiroquai? Share it with us on Jamitaly!

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