Interview on new album

During the concert the band held in Malaysia for the Grand Prix 1 Sepang, Jay Kay has released a series of Interviews in which he talked about the new album.

After the concert in Jakarta, in Indonesia, Jamiroquai are back in the studio to finish the album; world tour will begin in 2010.

In un’altra statement Jay talked about the sound that characterizes this album:

“This will be a new beginning for the band, with a slightly different. Now we are going back to the old style, with lots of wind… not necessarily retro. It 'hard to change your style,,it,It's difficult,,it. Besides, I think that style comes from the voice. But this is definitely something we are looking…. E ‘difficile, because you want to do what you feel comfortable doing, but there are many fans who like the first album, and there are also people who love the fourth and fifth album, that are more electronic”.

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