Interview with Jay Kay at the concert in Abu Dhabi

During the concert the band gave the 30 October the Grand Prix 1 Abu Dhabi, Jay Kay has released an’interview website he speaks of Jamiroquai and how their music has changed over the years.

It reads:

Think that our music has definitely evolved into a fairly natural. It will always be strongly linked to my voice and great groove, but people who say that has not evolved, obviously, have ears. In the past he had more soul soul / groove, before moving toward a sound disc with more programming, and finally the development of a stronger rock, come in Deeper Underground e Feels Just Like It Should. Next album, output next year, will be different again.

And the journalist who asked him to define in a few words said Jamiroquai:

Hard funking good time music! Because that is what we do…

You can read the entire article on website

The newspaper also published an interview with OK that you can read about Jason Kay official forum of Jamiroquai.

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