The summer tour comes to an end

With Odemira concert in Portugal 6 August, Jamiroquai where they performed in front of about 40000 people, ends the summer tour of the band.

No doubt about it, like every tour, fans are excited for the excellent performance of the band that brought in 15 stages a varied lineup full of surprises, composed mainly of tracks from early albums. Here are all the songs played this summer by Jamiroquai:

Revolution, You Give Me Something, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Too Young To Die, Black Capricorn Day, Corner Of The Earth, Blow Tour Mind, Just Another Story, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground

The band will enjoy a well deserved summer rest hours, in view of autumn concerts: for now has been confirmed only concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but is likely to announce new dates soon to be overseas.

Then it finally time for the eagerly awaited new album, whose release is scheduled for the month of November.

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