The director of Virtual Insanity of April on XL

the magazine "La Repubblica" XL has devoted a monograph to Jonathan
Glazer. Among the video, directed by famous director is quoted as described
to Virtual Insanity with photos of Jay and cover
TWM!!! Reproduced in full:


Jamiroquai (I would point out the error NDR.)
Glazer had asked to do this dance in an airport and on the conveyer
rulant flowing baggage . But after seeing the dance
director has decided to build a special room, when shooting a
fake sequence plan with Jay Kay dancing between tables, chairs and walls
moving. Prohibited fall. Why else would start
every time all over again.

Alongside the three photos it says: Nel 1997, to MTV Music Video Awards,
the clip had ten nominations, She obtained her award
"Best Video of the Year". The clip also triumphed WeekCreative Music
And Design Awards that year.

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