Gumball 3000 suspended

The Gumball 3000 has been suspended after a fatal accident occurred on the roads of Macedonia.

Two British pilots (Nick Morley e Matthew McConville) driving a Porche 911 went against the Golf diVladimir and Margarita Chepulyoski, the man died while being transported to hospital by ambulance while his wife is still in hospital from their injuries.

Maximillion Cooper, founder of the rally said :

" A sign of respect we have decided that the Gumball 3000 Rally this year will not lontanto more than that and will stop in Bratislava.

As organizers of the rally we feel that must be stopped as a mark of respect to Vladimir Cepulyoski who died today following an incident involving one of the pilots participating.

We are very saddened by what happened and we feel that it would be wrong to continue. On behalf of Gumball 3000 esprimiamo ancora una volta le nostre più profonde condoglianze alla famiglia  e stiamo facendo tutto quello che possiamo per loro.

Is’ the first time that something like that happens 9 years of traveling through over 40 states with thousands of riders and it is with deep rimpiantoche give this ad ".

As a result of the sad story that seems that all sponsors have abandoned their partnership with Gumball (were also removed all references to the website of adidas and the official website of the race is not accessible). Ment that organizers have also been driven by these advertising packages?

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