DVD Live in Montreaux in advance online

The website Play.com started the presale price of 15.50 € DVD “Jamiroquai – Live in Montreaux” which will be released 1 October next. The prices quoted should be including shipping to the buyers of the major European countries, but please check.

The tracklist shown confirms the pre-announced:

01: Use The Force
02: Canned Heat
03: Cosmic Girl
04: Little L
05: Blow Your Mind
06: High Times
07: Travelling Without Moving
08: Butterfly
09: Shoot The Moon
10: Soul Education
11: Just Another Story
12: Mr Moon
13: Alright
14: Love Foolosophy
15: Deeper Underground
16: Bonus: Space Cowboy (1995)

For a total of about 2 hours 20 min of music!

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