Listen to the interview to Radio Monte Carlo

Yesterday evening Jay Kay and Matt Johnson were guests of Radio Monte Carlo during the program Monte Carlo Nights hosted by Nick The Nightfly.

During the interview, lasted about an hour, it is spoken almost exclusively on the new album of Jamiroquai, Rock Dust Light Star, commentando singolarmente le tracce contenute. Jay and Matt have revealed some curious anecdotes, telling for example that Two Completely Different Things already exists from the time of Synkronized Dynamite (correction by Rob Harris) and Blue Skies was written by Jay while he was in a hotel in Liguria.

If you missed the interview or if you want to listen it again you have a full recording on Jamitaly (mp3) or you can watch a video excerpt of the interview on RMC website. As always, I invite you to share your opinion with a comment!

3 Replies to “Listen to the interview to Radio Monte Carlo”

  1. ….vorrei sapere perchè Nick chiamava per almeno metà intervista jason jamiroquai….ma secondo te un cristiano può mai chiamarsi così? bah….pensavo fosse almeno lui più informato!

  2. Quite a shame that a person working in radio for some time did not know who goes to interview. The name of Matt had to read it, Jason calls it even Jamiro, and equally scandalous to say “the band plays with Jamiroquai” Jamiroquai when they often are. Bryan said as he played with May Queen. Steps for Fachinetti but by, this is an unforgivable error! Awake, we're not talking about the newcomers on the music scene!

  3. Then Nick The Nightfly is not exactly inexperienced in the music… then hear reference to Jay calling Jamiroquai clashes even more.

    Then the poor Matt has called “Matt Cooper”… vabbè, a disaster!

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